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livin on the edge
Can air in a needle kill you?
like an iv or in your arm

WooleyBooley again
Supposedly it will act like a blood clot to your heart. So you saw that on CSI I think it was. Or Law & Order.

yes , and if you are worried , and if there;s and air , you would have died by now

yes...it goes straight to your heart and then you'll die

Jeanna A
ONLY when injected directly into the blood stream. It will cause a clot and you will die. If it's just an ordinary intramuscular (muscle tissue), intradermal (just under the skin such as tb test), or subcutaneous (fatty tissue) it will not harm you.

Yes, but it has to be about 20cc. 1 cc. will not harm you.

OH YES, The CIA used to inject air through the ear drum of people to kill them in their sleep, this was the best way to kill your objective, and it was hard every noticed in an autopsy..

A small amount or an air bubble will not harm you (such as in IV tubing).

If someone were to fill a 20 cc syringe with air and inject it into a vein, then yes, that would cause some problems. That is called an embolism.

Also, if air goes in with an IM, sub-q or transdermal injection, no harm would be done...you might not get the full dose of medication and it might hurt a little more but it would not kill you.


yes because the air bubble will go thru your blood and up to ur brain


Vania J
yea. you can experience
in air bubble in your vein
which may causes blood clogs
and if not attented to asap....
possible death.

It would have to be a large amount of air injected directly into a vessel to cause an air embolism. The small amount that is normally in a vaccine or any other shot (or IV) is normal and will not harm you.

Matt D
No that is one of those urban legends it will not harm you to have a little air in an IV.

You would need enough air in the tube for one of the chambers in the heart to not have enough pressure to keep pumping, then you would die! Basicly you need about 3 feet of air that you can see before you have to start to worry.


A blood clot or other solid mass, or an air bubble, can be delivered into the circulation through an IV and end up blocking a vessel; this is called embolism. Peripheral IVs have a low risk of embolism, since large solid masses cannot travel through a narrow catheter, and it is nearly impossible to inject air through a peripheral IV at a dangerous rate. The risk is greater with a central IV.

Air bubbles of less than 30 milliliters generally dissolve into the circulation harmlessly. A larger amount of air, if delivered all at once, can cause life-threatening damage to pulmonary circulation, or, if extremely large (3-8 milliliters per kilogram of body weight), can stop the heart.

One reason veins are preferred over arteries for intravascular administration is because the flow will pass through the lungs before passing through the body. Air bubbles can leave the blood through the lungs. A patient with a heart defect causing a right-to-left shunt is vulnerable to embolism from smaller amounts of air.

Fatality by air embolism is vanishingly rare, in part because it is also difficult to diagnose.

yes, you can get an air bubble in your blood

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