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 Can anyone tell me?
Cah anyone tell me what scabies are how long they can last and what to do for them? I think that i might have them because I have itchy bumps on my hands, arms and legs. Can anyone help?

 I have a son thats 9 mo. I think he has chickenpox. is it dangerous at that young of age?
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 Is herpes around the mouth ok?
like is it bad to have that what could it ...

 What is the best way to clean your system of maryjane? So many jobs require a urinalysis these days.?

 OK Medical proffssnls (& really smart people). What contagious diseases remain infectious after the body dies
what (and for how long) will these diseases remian on a corpse/deceased/in the blood or body fluid?


 Iv had a sore throat for 10 days now, is there ANY REASON TO BE WORRIED?

 Dont gave blood to red cross?
Additional Details
I tested poz for cmv and they never told ...

 This is a serious question, serious answers only!! PLEASE?
My nephew has cerebral palsy. He recently went on a trip, where there was a lot of woodland, when he came back his lips and face were blue, since then he has been in hospital for over a week. He ...

 If I live in an area where malaria is a problem, how can I prevent myself and my family from getting sick?

 If you had ring worm once can you get it again?

 What do my symptoms mean, im in serous pain?
ok, first of im sixteen (not that that matters but whatever)
for about a week now my sinuses have been kiling me. tried nyquill, all kinds of medicens and teas. but i lookked into my throat in ...

 How long do yeast infections last?

 How come some guys can go days with out showering?
and by the 3rd day the reek. but if a woman goes without a shower 4 one day she starts to smell right away. y?...

 HELP!!how to cure a hemroid??

 Is it true that ASTHMA is contagous?

 Can you get aids by kissing?
i kissed a girl about 4 months ago in my school and since then ive been very worried if i have cathced anything, we only kissed using our tongues and that was it, so im not sure if someone can catch ...

 Ok this is a guestion for adults that r doctors or nurses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
ok my bf has the flue and he is layin in bed and is hurting all over
he might have to go to the hospital

i need u guys to tell me in he can die from this flue thing!!!!...

 Can my boyfriend catch cystitis of me or is it not a transmitable infection?

 If an infant gets Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) because her parent has it, will the child
be taken away for child abuse. The parents are actully afraid to take her to the doctor for these reasons.
Additional Details
the situation is my brother, is it that extreamly dangerous? ...

Can a person with hepatitis c and HIV work in a restaurant?
I work at there. I found out they were hiring this guy next week, I talked to a nurse and she said I can't say anything, to the owner, because of the persons rights, sometimes employees cut themselves. please advise me of what to do, if I say something to my boss, the other co-worker will know it came . from me.
Additional Details
theres another girl who works there, she is in the medical field,she is the one who told me,so she can't say anything because of privacy rights.

Feta Smurf
God I hope they can't.

Somehow that must break 'Health & Safety' standards!

I would DEFINITELY tell your boss and make him agree to confidentiality.

You are protected by law to say things confidentially - the person with Hep-C or HIV may not be.

DO IT!! You could save someone's life.


I worked in the food industry and know that not everyone has good hygiene. For example, not everyone washes their hands after using the bathroom, and saliva is EASY to get on your hand if you sneeze and don't wash it off. These two examples alone could contaminate a person's plate in a restaurant!

How can people be complacent about this??

I wouldn't even WORK alongside someone I knew had HIV or Hep-C, let alone allow them to work with people's food!!

Seriously - your friend may be in the medical profession, but she is not a lawyer or a human resources representative. She may just be assuming this. Contact your boss immediately before someone becomes contaminated.

I would assume that by law it is ok that the person works there but I find it highly inappropriate they would choose a career in this field BECAUSE of the levels of contamination that could arise.. I have nothing against those people until they endanger others, and because of the industry I believe that there is more of a danger that this person could infect others and that is really selfish of them!

i wouldnt stand back and do nothing they have to tell that they have it i am almost sure i would call a lawyer a lot of them will answer questions for free good luck and try to find out keep it safe

They are also human beings and you must respect them.
You cannot get infected while working with them.

It is 100% safet to work with them.

Never heard such bigoted uninformed people answering a question they know nothing about, I am a Paramedic that has had Hep C for 4 years and on medication for it, the Virus is blood to blood ONLY. I worked on the ambulance with this virus, and once you start the meds within 4 weeks your viral load is lowered to uncontagious at all, is he on meds? bet you don't even know. Go ahead tell everyone, I'm sure his life can't get any more screwed up. Go to hcvadvocate if you really are interested in knowing the facts.

tell me something

if you wouldn't have known he was infected---would you still have worked along side him??

you never know who's infected, your neighbor...your mail man....someone who works at a place where you eat....

you're discriminating and that's a sad sad thing

he has every right to be employed maybe he needs the money for his meds. how about a little sympathy?? put yourself in his shoes for a minute. haven't you seen the movie Philadelphia??? if not I suggest you watch it, it's about a HIV/AIDS discrimination lawsuit and in the end----he wins millions......just some food for thought

YOU do the dishes.

Not till they are cured they are still contagious. How did you find out about it? I would definitely mention it the boss, but make sure that he doesn't divulge how he got the information that others know it to. The boss should have this person get something from a doctor certifying he is safe to work in a restaurant and with food.

Shaun H
consult a lawyer

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