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 Is there a disease that involves alot of cold sores???
i have a friend whose entire mouth tissue gets covered with cold sores. Lips and all, what is that disease called? She gets it about every five years....

 What does it mean blood pressure 76/46? pulse 66?
Additional Details
86 year old grandma in my care....

 Is there any permanent cure for the T.B. desease Is it possible that after full treatment TB it can comes back
Is there any permanent cure for T.B. desease or Is it possible that after full treatment of this chest desease namely TB, it can comes back?...

 Why do mosquitoes can't spread AIDS?
We all know that AIDS spread by contaminated blood.But why can mosquitoes spread the HIV virus like the way they spread malarial ...

 What happens when you come in contact with someone with heptitist b but you have had the vacinne?

 What is the cause of hip pain?

 Do you live long from being hiv poz?

 If a person is HIV Plus? How do he or she care themself to live a longer life?
or if there is any permanent treatment for this dangerous disease. How long a person can survive after this infection....

 How do you get over it?
So I'm really afraide of needles and I'm due to have my shots done! How do I get over fainting and crying....

 My daughter has herpes simplex virus, can she also have mono at the same time?

 What are the odds of me getting this?
this monday i was babysitting a child whos father started throwing up sunday night. i kept her at her grandmothers house that monday so i was never in the house. anywho, today (wednesday) she woke up ...

 I have strep throat and can't keep any liquids or foods down.....help?
I was diagnosed with strep 6 days ago..The symptoms keep getting worse and I had to go to the hospital Saturday because I was so dehydrated. They also gave me an IV with antibiotics to get rid of the ...

 A question i have always wanted to know!?
The AIDS virus is passed on through bodily fluids, so does that mean then that you can get it through kissing? Does anyone know the answer to this?...

 True or false toenails go harder in winter?

 Are parasites and insects the same?
Or are they different? And if so, how? I always thought they were the same. I'm asking this because, I think I got a tapeworm from one of my cat's fleas. I don't know how that happened,...

 What are the best ways to beat flu?
should you 'sweat it out?' should you take medication, or does that just affect symptoms & prolong the illness? And if others in your house have also had flu, do you risk catching it ...

 My coworker coughs up loogies and spits it in the waste can, what can I do?

 What is the best liquid to take antibiotics with?

 Can someone explain what meningitis is? see details?
i saw this add for meningitis, when i saw it i was scared, i was scared cauz what if this happened to me?

I got a small bug bite last month on my leg and now its bigger and kinda peeling i went to the doctor but he said put on ointment he gave me.so i did but i didnt work and i went back to the doctor ...

Can a dog get mono?
no, i was not making out with my dog. it's been awhile since i've had mono, and according to the doctor i'm still contagious for 2-3 months after i have gotten over it, atleast to humans i am contagious. But it's been so long i sometime forget that i am still contagious. well today i bit off a piece of banana and gave the rest to my dog, and i then i remembered. But i'm not sure if i should be worried or not? Is it possible for a dog to get mono?

The transference from human to animal and visa versa is called zoonosis - look that up and see - The spelling might be off sorry about that

Look... if you have mono then don't kiss your dog.

Ива́н Гро́зный
That depends, can mono get your dog?

i don't think so

Gansito Boy To The Rescue!
A better question would be..."Can Manu Ginobli get mono?"

donald m. c.
is it possible for a cat to get stereo ? its all the same just tell your gf the truth .

probably not,but you should be discreet and use protection...

As far as I'm aware, no - canines are not susceptible to mononucleosis. However, if your dog does begin to show signs of being ill, I would suggest taking it to a vet. For now, though, there's a very good chance that you have very little to worry about.

Although, if you meant you gave your dog a nearly whole banana, you may have a bit more to worry about than your dog contracting mono. If you continue to give your dog high amounts of sugars, it could develop diabetes. Diabetes has a higher rate in some breeds than in others, but it's never good to give a dog too many sugary foods and/or high amounts of sugary foods.

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