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 Does mono ever go away?

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if it dosen't go away can you still pass it on to other people, and p.s. i don't have it my bro does and i don't want to like drink out of his glass ...

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 My daughter is 14, & having a fever for 4 days?
My daughter is 14, She's been having a fever for 4 days and we can't break it, She is even on amoxicillin & Fever Meds. After 2 days We even went to the ER but they tested her for Strep ...

Can a child get measles even though they have had the MMr?

Fred Flintstone
Yes - no vaccination is 100% guaranteed.

Vaccines by-pass the bodies natural immune building defense system. Anything you inject directly into the bloodstream can be fatal. The MMR especially has the most controversy behind it.
Vaccines are hardly effective, and whatever temporary immunity that they *might* provide will wear off and contracting something like Measels when your an adult can be potentially life threatening.
Contracting Measels naturally, will provide lifetime immunity and when you do it that way the disease is less likely to cause any major upset. But...if you vaccinate and get the disease you could develop an asymptomatic case and that is MUCH worse.

Please stop vaccinating and thank you lucky stars that your child is still alive despite all the human carcinogens that you have allowed to be injected into his body.

Yes, but it will be no so nasty if you get it without vaccine. I prefer to have every vaccine that available: cannot trust to my GP.

science teacher
One reason taht they moved the timing for the MMr isthat if a child gets it before age 1 they an be protected enough by their mothers immunity that the vaccination does not take. So yes, you can get it after an immunizaton, not usual but it does occur. Who knows exactly when the immunity the baby got from the mother exactly wears off.It should be a lighter case. My kids got chicken pox even though they had had the immunization.


it depends also upon the child's resistance and the environmental conditions in which he is living. personal hygeine is also a major factor.

elaine w

In 1988, in KS, there was a large measles outbreak in college-age kids. It turns out a very large batch of MMR vaccine was no good. So - kids can get measles if they get a bad vaccine.

The vaccine causes immunity to measles because our bodies react to it by forming antibodies. So - kids can get measles if their immune systems don't react properly to a perfectly good vaccine.

So the answer is "yes," but the vaccine works the majority of the time.

Yes, but the attack will generally be less severe...;

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