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 Whats the best way o get rid of a sore throat?

 When someone has HIV/AIDS...?
like say someone cut themselves, can you get hiv if they touch you or you also have to have a cut...sorry if its confusing
Additional Details
so i dont have a cut and a person touches me,...

 Hepatitis a?

 If you have a cold and achy body, headache etc., is it even worth it to go to the doctor?
They always tell you to call them back if you're not better in a week. I feel like it's a waste of my time and money to go to the doctor at all....

 Is there a CURE for Hep.C? If so, what?

 Do i have an infection?
I been having alot of discharge, itching and is really driving me crazy the discharge is liquidy not mucos and i literaly need to ware a pad other wise i would be all wet and unconfortable please ...

 Symptoms of ecoli virus?

 Fifth diease/ human parvo?
my 13 year old cousin has it. They said it was very rare, and he would be on meds for the rest of his life possible wheelchair. They are sending him to Ann Arbor MI for more test. is this possible is ...

 How many get the Uk or Nigaria scams?
I get 20 a month!!...

 Fever and abdomen pain? why? what could it be?

 The left part of my face swells right in front of my ear. Any idea what causes that?
This happens periodically like a couple or three times a year. It seems like its the muscle in my jaw but perhaps its the lymph node there are an inner year infection? I've had my wisdom ...

 What are 3 in which Bacteria is used for a good purpose????

im getting all the symptoms and do you have to go to the doctors? or will it go away by itself on any chance? and if you have to go to the doctor how do they take the test to see if your positive for ...

 What does God thinks about Blood transfusion, it correct or does he prohibits it?

 My friend hiv test came back negative, she did the p24 antigen ad also the antibody test, but she still has a?
temperature and also a sore throat what else would it ...

 If I have hepatitus C...can I still get into the medical field ?

 My wife has plenty of whitish phlegm. What does she do to solve this issue?
Is there any medical or holistic cures or relief to this annoying phlegm problem? Thanks in advance for all your suggestions....

 What are the chances of contracting HIV, from an accidental needlestick from an HIV positive needle?

 I belive I have throat infection so what should I do?
my symptoms are pain in my throat, inflamation and redness of my tonsils(they are touching my uvula!), slight inflamation of my left throat, pain in my left inner ear(if I put my finger in my left ...

 I've only had a mild case of the Chicken Pox, but am I immune to it or vunerable to it?
I don't know if I should go around people who have the Chicken Pox...

What do you think?
Additional Details
So, I'm immune, even though it was a mild case?...

Can AIDS virus stay active on the surface of things & infect others while having contact with the open wound?

The HIV virus is very fragile. It is very sensitive to temperature changes and to changes in humidity. Dry cool surfaces are lethal to it, as are hot surfaces. If you doubt the answers you're getting, to to the Center for Disease Control website and see what they have to say.

johnno K
I believe it lives only a short time outside the body.

for up to 2 weeks!!

Im pretty sure DeathRattleS88 is thinking of hep. which can live for up to two weeks, aids can infect other open wound to open wound, but it dosent have a long shelf life outside the body.

Another Stranger
HIV are highly dependent on living organism for survival.
they can only survive for at most 2 mins out in the air.

aids virus or hiv die directly when its not in a body.as on surfaces.but while in open wound its still alive

Greg I
Up to 3 days under certain conditions. Granted it isn't often these conditions are met, but then again there is Hepatitis C which can last 7 or more days under ideal conditions outside the body of the host. Best idea is to avoid surfaces with dried blood on them. If you can't, then wear gloves, and treat area as if it had live contamination. Clean with bleach solution (most recommend 10% concentration of bleach, I'd suggest 20% mix as Hep C is a tough little SOB).

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