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Body temp dropped from 103 to 96 degrees what does this mean?
I have had the flu for 4 day now. It started at 103 degrees abd today when I check my temp it say 96 degrees. Does this mean I am getting better or worse. Should I go to work

If you are well enough to ask that q then get yourself to work!

Justin S
way better flu means if you fell cold but high temp ok to go to work but be sure to drink lot of water and have a nutritious lunch with fruit veggies and juice little meat for proteion be sure to get sun it help u a lot

You had a fever, now you don't. Check it again, though. 96 is too low, sounds like you got a bad reading. It should be 98.6
Don't go to work and share it with all your co-workers! Stay home until all your symptoms subside. When you do go back to work, if you have to cough or sneeze, do so in a tissue, then thoroughly wash your hands. Use hand sanitizer frequently, and disinfecting wipes on shared equipment. Your co-workers will appreciate not catching your flu! Good luck!

Your body is successfully fighting the infection. I wouldn't go to work just yet, though. Rest today and see if you continue to improve.

Doctor Foo
it means you're better

chemical sisters
must. not .eat.

Sounds to me like you just beat your fever. You'll probably be healthy before too long.

Definitley DO NOT go to work...you still have a fever!!! You could be getting better but being out and about will only make you worse and not only that you could give it to someone else. Have you been to the doctors? If not, you should go!!!

It sounds like you are getting better but give yourself a day or two to fully recover.

Well, since 103* is somewhat of a high fever, and now it is at 96*, it is safe to assume you are getting better, because the normal body temp. is 98.6*, and it can vary by a few degrees, give or take. So, don't worry, you're just on the fast track to recovery! :)

Garden by M
depends on where you took the temp. 96 means you are starting to feel the effects of the impending ice age :)

Your fever is gone. Your getting better and yes you can go to work.

Go to the doctor.

Bob D
your thermometer has a problem- if your fever broke, it usually means that your body burned off the bacteria.

better... they say the average body temp is 98.6 but mine is only that high when im sick

Things are looking up for you. Your fever is over and that is a good sign your immune system has effectively fought the virus.

When your antibodies reach a level in your blood that clears all the virus the antigen antibody interaction can trigger a response that at first increases your temperature and later removes the cause of the fever. At this point your body quickly takes action to reduce your temperature to normal levels. We call this homeostasis. When you sweat, air currents causing evaporation of the water will cool your body and it is possible to cool it more than you expect. It could cause a little shivering or it could result in your being a little dehydrated so you should drink plenty of water. In a day or two your body temperature should stabilize at what is normal to you. That is when you will feel good enough to go back to work. Colds and the Flu weaken you so take time to recover your strenght and stamina before going back to a place where someone else may give you another cold virus.

Although all the text books say that 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit is normal human body temperature, a recent scientific study has shown that very few people actually have that temperature. My normal body temperature is 97 degrees. It is possible that yours is 96 +/- a degree to two.

Females of child bearing age have cyclical variation in body temperature so they often have a low temperature during the first 14 days of their cycle and one or two degrees higher temperature during the second 14 days of their cycle and that certainly can affect what is normal for them.

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