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Maria S
BCG vaccine and scarring. Can you get the jab anywhere but the arm?
I work as a hospital locum in london and I have been against the BCG injection due to scarring. I am now informed because of bloody agency ways I have to have the BCG or discontinue my work. It is no longer standard to have BCGs in australia as it does not ensure 100% immunity.
I would like to know if the BCG can be injected anywhere other than the arm. I know they prefer the arm scar as an indication that the injection has been done, but immunity could also be tested by another manoux test.
If it has to be the arm, is there anything that can help with the swelling and all the pusssssssssssss? I don't want a scar.

might sound daft, but when I started my nursing course, I had to prove I'd had the BCG by showing the scar. Can't see why it couldn't be done in any usual injection site but some could be difficult if you are asked to show like this. Mantoux tests take time to come up.

With TB on the increase in the UK, especially in cities, my view is a small scar on your arm is a small price and it is fairly effective. When it comes up, leave well alone!! keep it dry the first few days and all that.

I have had two.

The Royal Navy did not believe that I had the first one (despite the scar), so I had to get another.

The scars are visible but my tattooist worked them into the knees of a woman I have tattooed on my arm.

Veronica Alicia
Hi Maria
I come from the age of smallpox vaccinations.
My mother had 4 of these, in a square on her upper arm. They left scars which were about 1/2" diameter
She hated them so much that she had mine done on my lower leg, so the scar is hardly noticeable. My friends were quite envious. I had my daughter's done her leg, too.
It costs nothing to ask.

anywhere on the bloodline. i have a scar from mine, but it did go septic and ooze green pus for a few weeks.
since you are aware of it, is it true that the bcg tuburculosis vaccine programme for our children has been abolished and is this available privately?

BCG can also be given in the thigh.

I didn't get a scar, pus or swelling at all, you may be lucky too.

So longs it goes into your bloodstream I suppose it could be injected anywhere, say back of the knee? or anywhere you like. A phlebotanist will be able to advice where the best places are.

Mike T
Not every single BCG injection will leave a scar. Mine has healed completely without any mark, so don't worry too much! You may be one of the lucky ones who doesn't scar.

In those countries that still utilize BCG vaccines, the scar on the arm from the injection given shortly after birth should still be there. If the agency prefers a booster be given, then I agree wth you that this could be handled in another way.

Ask your agency if they'd accept a Mantoux, titers or allow you to have the test in a place other than your arm. What about the back of the shoulder? It's fairly easy to access.

But if, in the end, it has to be given in your arm, it will be. You say you don't want a scar but you already know that the scar is the proof. You can't have it both ways.

Note to "scientistx": BCG isn't given intravenously and neither phlebotomy nor a phlebotomist is required.

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