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La Vie Boheme
At what point should a child be medicated for a fever?
If a child has a fever of 100.5-101.2, isn't it a better idea NOT to give a fever reducer? Isn't the temperature there for a reason? I was always under the impression that the body increases it's temperature to kill off germs.
Additional Details
I'm not talking about a high fever here (a high fever is over 102) and there are no other symptoms.

unfortunately the high temp kills brain cells.

Give paracetamol to control the temperature.

Your child should be fine overall as long as he/she is resting and is not in too much pain. If the fever lasts for longer than 24 hours, then that would mean that their body is having a hard time killing off the bacteria in the body, so then medication should be used to supplement the body's natural defenses.

hockey mom
Yes, the temp is there to fight off an infection. So I have heard that you need to let the fever do it's job and fight it. If the fever gets to 100.9 the need to have a fever reducer. But the fever needs to do the work.

Rule of thumb after 24 hours they may need help.

You don't mention how old the child is. If the temp is below 100, it should be fine to just let it be. Let the child's own body defense deal with the fever but if the fever goes over 101, there could be great cause for concern. I myself have 3 children but only one was prone to febrile seizure every time her temp went over 101, and this started happening when she was 9 months old up until she was 4. Every child is different though. I'm posting a link here that I hope will be helpful to you.

Yes, its better not to give medication IF their acting ok. If they feel totally miserable, then give the medication. Your right, fever does kill germs. I would definitely make sure that they drink plenty of fluids though because fever can cause dehydration, especially if they have it for longer than a few days.

true, fever is a defense mechanism of the body. it's the same principle when we boil our water, we kill the germs present. i usually give a fever reducer when the temperature reaches 101.3. for low-grade fevers and the child is active, just give him plenty of water and cut the sugars. the temperature that is damaging to the brain is 107.6.

mel m
Just let your child rest and drink plenty of fluid since your child is 10. I think you are right in the temperature indicating the body fighting bacteria, though a cool compress or a fever reducer is not harmful.
If no improvement for 24 hours, see a doctor as this can indicate your child isn't fighting the infection properly.
Please read this site.

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