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According to hearsay, peanut butter contains mouse droppings. Is this true?
I have heard for years that there is mouse droppings in peanut butter. I have been told that the manufacturers can not get all droppings out of the mix. Is there any documentation on this? Is it true?

Mr. Awesome
Of course not!Of course the U.S wouldn't let people sell things unless It's totally clean.Like water,it goes through a lot of cleaning before you can use or sell it.Same thing with Peanut Butter.

dam I hope not I love peanut butter

Yes it is true for CERTAIN brands of peanut butter. I heard Peter Pan was one of the brands that contain mouse droppings.

That doesn't even make sense...peanut butter is one of the simplest foods out there. It's pretty much peanuts, oil, sugar and salt. How would rat droppings even get in there? I could maybe believe that rumor about other things, but peanut butter? It's not even in Snopes, so the rumor can't be that popular.

Yes, and flour and wheat and cereal and beans and should I go on.
We're immune by now. Its only parts per 100 allowed.

I don't think they allow too much! haha

i doubt it man. dont think food health and safety regulations would allow this, do you?

amazingly intelligent
It is very likely. Here's a story to further disturb your appetite. I worked for a major food company as a secretary to the main buyer and seven account executives. They bought the base products for food that is produced and over-labeled (given the store brand names you are used to buying) by one manufacturer.
When I first arrived I was typing a letter to a spice company rejecting the several shipments of a particular spice because our lab had detected from random sampling too many: antheads, larva, and droppings. It specified a ppm (parts per million.) I asked the executive if he had meant to say that it contained that debris. He explained that the parts per million had an acceptable level per sample for all kinds of droppings and insect parts that might be in flours (wheat, rice) and spices. That it is impossible to process, bag, store, and ship these items without having these biological "by-products" present, but an acceptable level is present by each manufacturing company.
Moral: That's why we have fire (to cook food and kill bacteria) and immune systems.
So, yes, it wouldn't surprise me if you are eating a little poo with your peanutbutter. Makes you want to pass on the chunky kind, huh?

I've heard everything from droppings to hair to what ever else gets caught up in the manufacturing of peanut butter. You can't possibly keep a factory sterile. Eat up and be thankful you have a healthy and strong immune system. Just imagine what drops all over your vegetables. A lot of our veggies grow in the stuff. I'm not too concerned with it. I've been eating peanut butter since I could learn to chew and it's never hurt me. LOVE peanut butter.

According to heresay, EVERYTHING has rat droppings in it.

Don't believe it until you see it for yourself.

Unfortunately, almost every food that comes out of a factory has what the FDA has determineed to be an acceptable trace amount of feces in it. True stuff. But remember, it's a trace. it's nothing in the bigger picture. LOL.

There is "foreign material" in most food, Chilax and stop thinking about it, they're talking micro-grams, not lumps.

If you're really freaked out though, don't by chunky.

I worked in a bakery once and I questioned such things. They told me they are allowed a certain number of rat droppings per 1,000,000. It is the same for all foods. The number is supposed to be so small as to not be harmful to the consumer. But, it didn't make me feel any better about it. I quit soon after that.
On a similar note: if you knew what went into hot dogs, you would never eat another one.

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