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About how long will it take for cold sores to go away?
How long with out medication....if it is too long what kind of medication?

2 days

Without medication, it can take anywhere between 7 days to 21 days. One of the best medications for cold sores is Acyclivir. Your doctor can prescribe it to utilize on a as needed basis. In other words when you feel it coming on, start the medication and then you may even need to take it on a prophylactic basis (everyday) if you are getting cold sores as often as once a month. Things that can bring on cold sores are stress, extreme temperature change, exposure to sickness (anything that decreases your immune system). Try taking vitamin C as well as vitamin b6 to help prevent the outbreaks. It has worked for others I know.

Usually a week to two weeks.
It's a virus. Takes time.

Approximately 10 days. You can lessen your symptoms and help it to dry up a bit by using a product like Abbreva. Just like a cold, this is a virus, and it has to run its course. Ask your pharmacist to recommend a product, depending on the stage of the cold sore. If the cold sore is large and painful, your physician can also prescribe medication to help speed up the healing.

abreva has helped me many times, but carmex has too and is not as expensive - 2 - 3 days max

The Princess
When I was little it took like 3 weeks almost a month to get rid of mine. But I use
Abreva (at first and whenever it starts going away{color is white}) And
Campho-Phenique (In between {color is clear})

The best thing you can do for a coldsore is to treat it with docosonol BEFORE the coldsore appears on your lip. You can usually tell by the tingling sensation a few days before onset.

You can buy this treatment under the brandname Abreva.

If a coldsore is already manifest however, the only treatment you can do at this point is to use chapstick. Abreva will NOT help once a coldsore is already manifest.

Goodness I am still here?
I don't know how long they last but go get yourself some Abreva.

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