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4 year old with fever and cough. help?
my daughter's doctor is away until monday. she has had an on and off dry cough and 101 fever since friday. she has no runny nose,throat pain, headache or any othe rsymtoms except perhaps loss of apetite, is in good spirits, playful and energetic.
i have been giving her the maximum safe dosage of vitamin c, vitamin d, vitamin e, lots of fluids, vicks vaport rub and twice gave her motrin to help her sleep.
i will see her doctor as soon as i can, and i don't want to take her to an emergency room because i have found in the past they are unpleasant, keep you waiting up to 8 hours and since she is comfortable and has been stable i don't want to put her through that.

can anyone who knows anything about this stuff tell me what she might have or how to get her fever to stay down and or aleveiate the cough?
Additional Details
thanx ofr the answers everyone. her fever went up to 102 this morning. i made an appointmenet with another doctor which i will somehow have to pay for out of pocket but i'll manage. i have been usuoing a vaporiser but it didn't help. my daughterr is allerghic to tylenol so just motrin for her.

you need to get the child to emergery room

use the Motrin when time again,cool bath will help. cool wash cloth after that .most likely ear infection. good luck

I am not a dr. but a mom of 5 and I know how the er. goes from my visits and how horrible the waiting is and for what? Well the last time my 2yr old ran a fever till I got her in the dr we used tylenol and motrin. Are you using a vaperizor? I find it helps. Or take her to a bathroom and let her breathe the steam from a hot shower. Just be sure she stays away from the running shower!! Good luck with your angel I know it's scarry.

Check WebMD.com...you can get some help from this website but not garenteed to be 100% accurate. Since she is energetic which is a healthy sign at her age, it is probably something minor, keep giving her lots of fluids so far keep checking her temperture, if there is any rise then you should have her checked by a doctor. Hope she gets well.

I agree with Sean, the LPN. 101 isn't a temperature to be worried about and your daughter is holding her own. Keep up what you're already doing and give her pediatrician a call on Monday. You don't need to treat the dry, nonproductive cough but if you feel you must do something, give her Delsym cough suppressant according to the directions for her age.

Joe Paramedic
Sounds like you are doing everything right! You can give motrin and Tylenol at the same time, my son's fever would not stay down so our pediatrician told us to give both at the recommended times. Every 6 hours for Motrin and every 4 for Tylenol. However if she is in good spirits, I would leave her alone and treat her at night so that she could sleep. Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas!

Sean L.P.N
Here are a few notes.

If she is playful and in good spirits (take into consideration she is sick) then I would not be to worried.

*If the fever stays below the 103.5-104 range. If it gets that high, get to the ER. *
Keep her hydrated.
Wipe her down with a wet cloth, but nothing to cold. (this causes the blood vessels to constrict which hurts the situation)

You said it yourself, if she is comfortable and stable, no need for the ER. I understand mothers do not like to just sit around and watch their sick child, but there is very little else you can do (you have covered all the areas very well!) and take her to her Pediatrician tomorrow and she will be fine.

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