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 Lumps under armpit?
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 Help Me.....Blood in Urine!!!!!!!?
I am a 14 year old guy. This morning I went to the bathroom and there was a lot of blood in my urine! And I haven't done anything out of the normal lately.

What's wrong?


Miss Terious
Why do parts of my body keep twitching...like now my arm is!?

Mazie K.
I don't know why they twitch. I get it all the time!!! Sometimes my whole leg will start to bounce and I can't control it! I think its natural, I'm not sure though.

This normally the result of large amounts of caffeine in your system so cut down on coffee

Funky Munky¬īs back
If it happens at night-time, it means that your restless, and overtired. Go get a good nights sleep

haha. they are called nerves. I am going to tell you a story my twitching pal:
At school, this guy said that his eyebrow was twitching. And I didn't lift my head up, just said uh-huh. Then when i looked at him if it was real, he said that when I looked at him his thing lifted up. He meant his eyebrown but i couldn't stop giggling.

Don't worry. It's only a tic. Everyone has them....

nervous i get this its fine if its too bad see Dr

If it hapens on a regular basis you might have parkinsons disease

All psychological... A inner need for attention or nerves... you accumulate stress. :(
Long walks + healthy life stile may be the right thing for you?
Can you feel my inner peace? I know what I am talking about!

go see the tribal medicine man

ohio gal
If it's frequent and doesn't go away, go see your doc. My left eye twitches when I'm tired. If it's mainly your leg, could be restless leg syndrome. Lots of reasons, from common-nothing-to-worry-about to really-should-see-a-dr.

Don't wait too long. The stress from worrying about it could make it worse.

its a muscle spasm

Mr Hernandez
Are you on drugs? Same thing with my eye

Crystal L
Is this a one time thing or has it been an ongoing problem? If it's a one time thing I wouldnt worry it's probally nothing. If it has been ongoing then you should talk to your doctor about it, it could be alot of things including problems with your diet, nervous system, etc.

maybe ur hungry, eat something

It could be lots of things. First of all though is to try to stop worring about it. I have found the more you worry about it the more it happens. Then if it is bothering you alot then go and see your doctor, maybe before you go write it down, where on the body it happens, how long for, what you were doing at the time, and anything else you can think of. That will help your doctor and then itt will help you by putting your mind at ease. I hope that helps you a little bit. God Bless x

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