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What is it called when you can't leave your house because you are afraid of everyone?
Is that agoraphobia, xenophobia, phobia what-?

freSh jaYSz
it means your ****** crazy


Don't look at my avatar.
its formal term is:


Dog W
hahahah...emo! thats awesome

being high on crack

Angela D

xenophobia is being affraid of outsiders, maybe its familyphobia

No idea dude sorry

angel eyes

it's a type of agoraphobia known as Xenogoraphobia

courtney v
hmmm, a bit crazy why would you be scared of the world your gonna have to face it one day


Dear I Care if the answer is for yourself you have my compassion and empathy.There are medications that help.
Best wishes.It is agoraphobia which is not uncommon to go with panic attacks.Some of the insensitive answers may contract pcphobia and give us a rest.

Child of the Most High
paranoia, I think. When you make a huge deal out of every little danger. My second cousin has it, when she sees people on the phone she's certain that they're talking about her, when she drives and people wave to each other from different cars she is certain that they're plotting against her to run her off the road or something...

Red Wing
Watch the Charlie Brown X-mas special. Lucy gives a dynamite summary of major phobias.

Matt W
agoraphobia. 100% sure

Darth Drahcir
Yeah, its agoraphobia.

Terry F
if you need help remembering it, then think of it as 'Al-Gore-a-phobia'



It's agoraphobia.

Xenophobia is a fear of foreigners.

Ellen M

Xenophobia is being scared of new people and situations. Agoraphobia is where you're afraid of public places, whether familiar or not. Anthropophobia is the fear of people in general.

♥Edward Cullen = Love 4Ever♥

I believe you are thinking of agoraphobia, but actually agoraphobia doesn't mean they are afraid of everyone. They are afriad to leave their home, but it is because they are afraid of being in a situation that they cannot escape. Usually they picture this situation as being in a crowd and that's why most people think that it is fear of people. Also, many people who have panic disorder have agoraphobia because they are afriad they might have a panic attack in public and not have any help or way to escape.

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