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What's the best way to prevent getting a cold?
I work in a call center around about a hundred people. I recently got a head cold about two weeks ago, but it finally went away. Well, now here I am two weeks later, and I have a head AND chest cold! This is so unfair, but anyway. I'm just trying to figure out some ways to prevent this. I use hand sanitizer like crazy, I wash my hands a lot, and I get plenty of vitamin C...and yet I'm still getting sick! Any suggestions?

robert m
I don't know of anyway to avoid it but I take vitamins and find they
strenghten your amune system. I find colds and influenza starting and they seem to back off.

Vitamins are what we in the nutriceutical field call "potty pills" or "expensive urine". Think about it...there is nothing found in nature containing 100 mgs of ascorbic acid, 100 mgs of B-6, 500 mgs of calcium lactate/gluconate, etc., especially in their isolated forms. Unless a company can produce research where their supplements are SPECIFICALLY credited (and not eluded to) and the data is placebo-controlled, double-blind, cross-over, peer-reviewed and then published in a prestigious medical or nutriceutical journal (e.g. Baylor College of Medicine, Georgetown University, American College of Cardiology, etc.), then it's nothing more than conjecture and hype - and oftentimes from some doctor who's "on the payroll". From a comparative standpoint, peruse www.RealJuicePlus.com Regardless of product specifics and the evidence surrounding the studies, you will thoroughly enjoy the education, especially the ability to download the MEDICAL ABSTRACTS!

"When we think about how much we know, we soon realize how much we don't know."

Bacteria Boy
There was a piece of research published a fewm months ago, and they found that reason people get more colds in the winter was due to a lack of vitamin D. You get vitamin D from sunlight. What they recomend is taking 3-4 times the RDA of vitamin D as soon as you start to feel ill that is apporximately 20ug (micro grams).

I have tried this twice now, and did not get ill. I do recomend it whole heartidly.

I've worked in a call center, too. Do you have your own set of headphones with microphone or do you use a telephone that other people also use? Don't touch your face---hand sanitizer or not, that is the fastest way to get germs---you touch something and then you touch your nose, eyes or mouth. Cold and flu viruses can live outside the human body for up to 2 weeks. Most viruses can't....but these DO.

Come to work in one of those radiation suits... not only will it protect you from everyone,. but you can make faces at the people you hate and they won't know it.

I have a pretty weak immune system, i guess. i can catch a cold and still be having it for a few months.
the best ways to prevent cold that i think is productive
1) taking more fruits and vegetables (especially oranges, i think they make me feel better after eating one)
2) try to sleep early in the night? some people catch colds often due to their late sleeping habits.
3) exercise regularly?

i hope these work.
though i think you must have heard them before

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