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 Is it safe to loose more than 2lbs a week?
I am just so tired of being overweight....

Im 13 and i weigh 120 pounds and im 5'2. is that healthy?
I have a pretty face and all but i feel that i am a little over weight. and if im not healthy i want to loose15 pounds
please help me!!!
Additional Details
It's not like i dont exercise at all. Last year i was on the track team and one of the fastest runners in my age group and one of the best soccer and softball players
but..about a month ago i was 113 pounds and then i went on vacation and riding in cars for ours and now..i think its going to get worse if i dont do something about it. I want to loose alot of weight before school starts or atleast some. please help me!!

You could probably lose the 15 and it would be alright.

Jaq attack
You kids really need to see doctors. Were you never taught how to calculate BMI???
Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
Overweight = 25-29.9
Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater
You are at 21.9 perfectly normal range, I seriously think you might want to look into some therapy if you think you are "overweight" cause that is sick and wrong,

Your target weight is 110 to 115. You're just about right. :-)
The way you figure it, is, begin at 100 pounds for a five foot tall person. For every inch over five feet, add five pounds. This is just a general rule, give or take 5 pounds either way.

If you feel you are chubby, probably. who knows you better then yourself?

you're not TOO bad...since you're still growing. but if you really want to loose weight.............. take some of your favorite foods, like a smoothie (idk if you like smoothies, just an example lol) and instead of using icecream and/or 2% Milk, substitute by using non-fat milk, and yo-gurt (non-fat)instead of icecream. use fresh strawberries, and blend! if it's not sweet enough it's ok to add a little sugar.

one of the mistakes my dad makes (he is in the same "ball park" as you...) is not eating ANYTHING that is "unhealthy". Your body needs a variety of foods. It's ok to have that doughnutcupcake every once in a while...you can reward yourself. but don't get in bad habits! eat a wide variety of "healthy" foods!

excercise!! don't over do yourself tho. get your heart rate up for at least 20 minutes atleast 3 times a week!

good luck!!! : )

I think losing between 10 and 15 pounds would be a good idea for your body mass index and age. It's good that you have high self-esteem! Remember to just eat healthier and lots of fresh air and exercise is best!

JoJo M
Well my friend/cousin is I think maybe 4 feet and she weights 80 pounds I think. My other friend is 100 pounds and she is...I don't know her height XP She is perfectly healthy though and I'm sure shes a lot shorter than you. Be proud of who you are. don't think your overweight, if you worry too much you might end up withan eating disorder...

DON'T LOSE WEIGHT. You are at a healthy weight for your height. So calm down, don't go drastic about losing that many pounds. If you really want to lose weight, go to your doctor, and ask if your weight is healthy. NEVER lose weight if other people say that you are fat, because you aren't, and trust me, I have the exact same measurements. Lol. :)
Hope that helps.

I think you are at a very healthy weight and loosing 15 pounds sounds a little much. If you would like to you can go on the inter net and find free sites that tell you your healthy weight limits and BMI (body mass index), all you do is punch in your weight and height and it tells you where you stand, good luck!
try this site

Man I'm Pretty.
yes i think its healthy. maybe try to lose a few pounds. i mean i know this girl who is 14 and weighs 60 pounds that my friend is unhealthy

Judging just by your weight, you are within a healthy range for your height. You have a BMI of 21.9, which is within an acceptable range.

I'm 16, 130 and 5'3 and I think I'm overweight. But for me I think I'm just self conscious because I used to have a lot of muscle from dancing and now its all flubber. You seem really average, I wouldn't be worried..I think losing 15lbs is a little too extreme. Maybe weight lift or exercise certain hot spots on your body to firm them up if flab is your problem...that may help raise your self-confidence, otherwise I think your good. I calculated your BMI, which is a way to figure out if you're overweight/underweight or normal. This is where I went, http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/ and you got a very low normal rate, almost underweight. so i think you're good =)

It all depends on how you feel about yourself.Don't let others dictate how you feel about yourself.You'll find people who love the way you look and others who dislike the way you look.So just focus on what you think.
You can also measure your skeletol frame as follows

1)take your right hand around your left wrist
2)try to touch your thumb to your middle finger.
3)if it touches at the tips you are medium,overlap you are small,and not close at all you are large

A small frame will typically be 10-15 lbs lighter for your age and height,and a large frame will be 10-20 lbs heavier

I hope this helps

You're average, but it wouldn't hurt to loose anywhere from 3-5 or even 10 pounds if you want to, depending on how much fat and muscle you have.

Jim R
You absolutely do NOT need to lose 15 lbs. If anything, losing 15 lbs is unhealthy. Either way, losing 15 lbs would take a while, since you're supposed to lose 1 lb a week on a diet. But, again, you do NOT need to lose 15 lbs.

you are perfectly healthy, actaully a bit on the high side.
if you lost 15 pounds it would be this
which would still be healthy,but on the lwo side

You're perfect! Please believe me! I remember being that age, and that weight - And thinking I was fat - You only think that way because the world wants you to - and please believe me - you're perfect!

Be sure to exercise and eat well -

***** K K *****
yeah thats good you really are healthy i have about the same body type and the same age

timothy h
For your frame and height you are at the right weight . You should not worry about that to much.

Borderline, but now is the time when your body is developing so that may change, Just remain active and the rest will take care of itself

it's not bad, and 15 lbs is a little excessive. as long as you're eating healthy and doing a little exercise, you're fine. you don't want to do anything dramatic at your age beyond staying healthy, but get into the habit of doing crunches/push-ups/running now and you'll be great, especially in the long run.

On the Body Mass Index Chart that I have you are just fine sweetie! Don't forget that you are still very young and growing. For 5'2 a healthy weight is 110-130 pounds.
Hope this helps. = )

☮♂♥♀Soul Flower♀♥♂☮
Yes, it's perfectly healthy. You're still very young and you will get taller. I was short and thought I was overweight when I was 13, but as I got older it just kinda evened out.

Smily Sarah
No your perfect that is about average. Keep eating healthy and exersize and your good!

Get more exercise.....

i think your normal, but if you want to lose a little weight, then look below

run or excersice 45 minutes a day, drink fruit and veggie drinks every day, no soda, no artificial drinks, no white bread, eat the wheat bran ones, no carbs, eat organic foods (wholefoods.com), dont watch too much TV

your only 13 so i wouldnt worry about it too much. if your that worried then just exercise! i am 18 and im around your height and weigh about 135 so i was your weight at 13 too. my friends were skinnier and tall so it made me feel fat, but your little! i played sports so if you get into doing something athletic youll feel better about yourself!

It's a good weight to keep.
You can get more exercise if you want just by going outside and enjoying a sport.
But if you can maintain that weight it's good BECAUSE you will grow into it and look stunning!!

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