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Devils_i: I've seen it. Chilling.

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I ♥ My Zach
If you have a stomach virus and keep throwing up, what should you eat?
My British beau has a stomach virus and just keeps throwing up. He's wondering if he should eat soup, or what? He's thrown up the soup before. What's something likely to stay down or make him feel better..

Plain toast and/or crackers, chicken broth, jello, popsicles. Ginger ale, Sprite or cola with most of the fizz stirred out. Be sure he gets enough liquid to prevent dehydration. All solid food should be avoided as long as he's vomiting. I hope he feels better soon. :)

Anita D
Crackers, and gingerale

Steve F
Clear liquids only. Jello, apple juice, water, chicken broth, etc...
Only two teaspoons every fifteen minutes. If that stays down, after an hour of that he can go up to two tablespoons every fifteen minutes. If that works, an ounce every fifteen minutes for a hour and so on.
If this doesn't work, he may need an antiemetic, from his physician. Have him call his surgery (I think in the UK) and see if his doc can help.
Once he graduates from the clear liquids for 24 hours, try the BRAT thing that others have mentioned.


Crackers, toasts and some 7-up or Sprite. Not to much though!

a mixture of lemon juice little water some cheyanee chile and salt, or just a lemon by itself

Try BRAT - easy on the stomach and filling enough to keep you going when you're sick.

Apple Juice

A Brat diet which is bannana, rice, applesauce and dry toast these thing having been proven to bulk up the stool and settle the stomach. Also water can be hard on the stomach if you have a virus

Nicole F
The general rule of thumb is a full liquid diet for the first 24 hours like: chicken broth then try to some tea, applesauce, rice, Popsicles Gatorade, sprite, 7-up jello is also good. But make sure that he gets plenty of liquids so he doesn't get dehydrated. NO DAIRY PRODUCTS!!!

kelly p
Really anything that he thinks will taste good. But it must be taken in small amounts. Extra hot or cold liquids could make it worse bc it jolts the tummy. Focus on liquids to prevent dehydration.

sip 7up, gatorade, etc.

if he feels like eating...

do the BRAT diet... bananas, rice, apples, and toast

all plain, nothing on them.

My mama always said, Feed a Cold, Starve a Flu. Tell him not to eat for awhile, drink fluids.

Deluca - Anti Jonas FANS
From personal history nothing will stay down for me, except Popsicles and saltines. Popsicles are good because you get very dehydrated when you have the flu and you don't want to chug water because it will come right back up. Unfortunately if he is like me (which would be weird lol) he's going to have to wait until the bug is out of his system before really eating.

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