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Can you put hydrogen peroxide in your ear to clean it?

Yes, absolutely. It can be quite drying, though. So, if you get any irritation, just dilute the peroxide a bit next time.

No!! It will bust your ear drum.

yes it is not a problem, even children's ears can be washed out with hydrogen peroxide. An eyedropper half full per ear, and once the foaming stops turn the head to the other side and do the other ear.
wail the first one drains out. Hydrogen peroxide can be used on scrapes and small wounds , by simply pouring some over the area and it will keep it clean and saniatized .

i always do. i put in a cap of peroxide wait about 15 minutes to loosen the "gunk" then use a qtip to remove said gunk

Ear care is left to an ear specialist.If you put hydrogen peroxide in your ear it will sound a hundred times louder than the snap, crackle,and pop of rice crispies.It will drive you crazy. Doctors will tell you not to put anything bigger than your elbow in your ear.
But they also say for people with"swimmer's ear"to put alcohol on a q-tip and clean the visible outer ear.The Doctor has an instrument to wash the inner with.

yep.....put a cap full in your ear and let it bubble for about 10 minutes and them pour it out and do the other one....it will help loosen the excess wax inside the ear.

You can but commercial products intended for cerumen (ear wax) removal are more effective and less drying.

Yes you can. My son has problems with his ears and his doctor told me to put his head to one side and pour in a cap full-hold it there for a few seconds and then do the other side. He told me to do about 5-10 minutes before he took his shower then let the water slowly trickle in his ears.

Technically you can, but it may make it worse. If you are having a ear-wax problem. Carbamite Peroxide is an OTC medication, put some drops in your ear, and flush it with warm water.

Kinda, you have to mix it with acid and water though. It may hurt, but it prolly wont.


Yes. You can also use a few drops of mineral oil (like baby oil) in each ear daily to keep the stuff soft and on its way out. It's better than using Q-tips which can push the wax further back causing a blockage.

I saw on Oprah that earwax is sweat?!

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