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 My blood pressure is 189 over 110 is that too high?

 I am female 58 years old. What is a good blood pressure reading for me.?

 Chest Pain?
Recently, I was on vacation and twice I experienced chest pain. Both times when it occurred I was not doing anything strenuous, actually, I was sitting. It felt like my chest was being squeezed in a ...

 16 and a poor heart rate?
ok i'm and i walk like 2 miles+ a day. and i exercise regularly yet still supposedly have a poor heart rate. i jog 5k weekly (all continuous, and i'm not slow)

resting its like ...

 My pulse is 122, should i be concerned?

Additional Details
i haven't been working out or anything, i was drinking a lot last night, then when i woke up this morning i noticed that my heart was beating fast, so i check my ...

 Are there any cholesterol medications that do not cause muscle pains?
I tried one once and it caused the "rare but serious muscle pains." Are there any that do not have that risk?...

 How to help a heart attack victim?
If someone is having a heart attack what can you do to help them until paramedics arrive?...

 Is pulse rate or heart beat more than 72 per minute is bad?
I checked the plse rate of my friends .They seem to have more than 72 average .Is it bad ?...

 I think i have a heart murmur???
i think i have a heart murmur,
my mother and sister have one so ive been thinking i have one too.
it only bothers me at night usually when im trying to go to sleep and its very frustrating.<...

 I got a pacemaker in September of 2005 and my doctor says I don't need it. Should I think about legal suit.

 When having a heart attack do u burp with it?

 Does anyone know a good website to find answers on the heart ?

 How can I safely RAISE my cholesterol levels?
For years, I have had unusually low cholesterol readings - as low as 99 total cholesterol. For the same period of time I have been dealing with anxiety issues and depression. I recently found ...

 Are these heart attack symptoms ?
my dad has been really cranky latly and he has fainted twice alredy he said he gets a pain on his chest and on his arm mostly on his left arm ....are these symptoms of a heart attack or stroke?...

 Could this possibly be a panic attack?
am 19 years old, as far as I know I am in perfectly good health. I'm not overweight, I eat healthy. I dont excercise everyday but I get my fair share in. Last night at school I was sitting at my ...

 How can you beat a siliva drug test?

 Can diuretics cure shortness of breath?
I just had a baby 3 months ago (ignore picture - I'm using hubby's Yahoo account). Anyway, ever since then, I've been very short of breath and even have my hands / feet go numb, ...

 Are trends towards heart disease reversible?
If you were to go to a doctor for a stress test and found that there was some partial blockage of the arteries in your heart, would improving diet and exercise (along with quitting smoking, in my ...


 High blood pressure what to eat?
ok my mom and dads blood pressure was out the roof today and for awhile my dads been feeling a tad dissy thay wish to know what perhaps would be a good diet for them pleas thay need help

Wut does a smokers heart look like?
a picture of a smokers heart compared to a normal one

grilled to medium rare...

Like a burnt porkchop!! Only a little more round.

The images of heart and lungs will speak for themselves.

Fu Manchu
The same I would imagine, don't believe everything you see or hear, people are different, there was an old man in the paper he lived to 109 or something and he smoked for 90 years died of old age so um yeah,

Look at some top atheletes like Zidan smoking on the traning ground he didn't have an problems running the pitch, except for when he needed a cig so bad he headbutted that guy so he could have a fix :p hahah

NOT GOOD!!!!!!

near death

A smoker's heart (depending on how long and how much the smoker smokes)...could look the same. OR, it could possibly be larger than a nonsmoker's heart. Why? Because it's having to work harder...pump harder to deliver oxygenated blood to the body. Just like with athletes, when the heart works harder, it gets bigger. After all, it's a muscle.

And, what happens when muscles get worked out? They get bigger. But in the case of a smoker, a bigger heart is not a good thing because it's not as efficient. The heart muscle becomes thickened and causes there to be less room in its chambers for blood so in order to circulate the needed amount of blood to the body, it has to beat faster and work harder. After time...it can wear out.

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