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Would numbness in my arm be related to irregular heartbeat?
I was admitted to hospital the other day as I had an irregular heartbeat that lasted a few minutes (also had it on and off over a period of a few weeks but for a few seconds each time). Nothing showed up in all the tests including the ECG but I've had test for thyroid problems which I will get result next week when I go to doctors again. Anyway this morning I woke up with pins and needles in my left arm and fingers (no pain) and it's still there slightly after 2 hours. I do know that when I had the blood pressure test the machine really squeezes your arm so I was wondering if that could have trapped a nerve or whether I should seek medical advice. I feel okay otherwise and trying not to panic! I would be grateful for any professional advice (I'm 31 year old non smoker/occasional drinker and eat fairly healthily).

Any numbness is important. Go to your local hospiteal emergency rooma nd get it checked out again. You have to be seen by a professional. You may be having another TIA (transient ischemic attack) or a heart attack. Do not second guess the importance of this symptom. Go .Go now

I see no reason for a heart problem to cause pins and needles. I have Bursitis in my left elbow, which is a swelling caused by a knock, which presses on the ulna nerve. Causes pins and needles constantly.

janet j
Irragular hert beats are due to Thyriod problems. Numbness could be due to irregualr heart beats since irregular heart beats can disturb your blood circulation. If all test related to heart is normal then dont worry much. Once the thyroid function will get normal, Hopefully everything will be back to normal. Good luck !

Get off the computer and go the ER. It may be a TIA like suggested ealier or it may be a clot in your arm. It may be nothing, but it warrents a check now.

could be a problem with your lymph system. if your lymph circulation is not proper, they could clog up.
proper exercise will ease up the system.
i had this problem for years. then 2 years ago, i started exercising.
i exercised only for about 3 months(then i stopped)....the problem disappeared and stayed disappeared for a year. then it came back again :( i still have the problem.
I'm NOT a doctor

Julie S
If you are in the UK you can call the NHS Direct, they are brill. A fortnight ago I had a similar thing, numbness in my left arm and fingers and a few other symptoms, spoke to NHS Direct and they considered it could be a stroke or TIA (stroke that you fully recover from). They got a paramedic ambulance sent to me and took me to hospital. You do need to get it looked into but please dont worry yourself too much, there are lots of other possible causes and a TIA or a full stroke would normally have other symptoms alongside the numbness.

Yes, it is probably related. Make sure you tell your doctor about it when you go back. It also could be a whole host of other things.

God Bless You

Go back to your doctors!!!!, It can be you just trapped a nerve while sleeping, but its better you sort that out, for peace of mind

It sounds like a pinched nerve. There's obviously circulation problems. It could be an array of things. Pinched nerve, clot, cardiac problems, cyst...anything. It would be best to see your MD and let him/her diagnose this.

If the tingling or numbness continues after you wake up and moving...I should call your MD. If it's bothersome, go to your ER.

Best wishes.

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