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 How to controlling my cholesterol ?

 I had a heart attack 10 days and had stent.....now the doctor wants to do a catherization again, help!!!!!!?
they are doing the cardiac catherization tomorrow and im scared stiff....... i never heard of anyone getting 2 within 2 weeks of another..... anybody else??????...

 If 6 out of 10 patients admitted to the hospital are discharged in three days or less,how many out of 12689?
admissions recorded were hospitalized over three days....

 I'm wearing a holter heart monitor right now, what can it diagnose?
Whats the list of things a holter monitor can diagnose?
Heart disease? Heart attack? Heart Failure?

I'm only 26, i've just been having a really faint heartbeat and my heart ...

 Are You Aware URGELT Says Coconut Oil Is Very Healthy- Polyunsaturated Vegetable Oils Are Harmful?
Did you know the scientific URGELT on youtube backs everything he says and he says coconut oils are healthy and polyunsaturated vegetable oils are HARMFUL

The party line is INCORREC...

 Im 15 and have heart problem?
when im sitting are somthing my heart will skipp them take off somtimes becuase i get scared but somtimes not becuase i get scared i dont wanna have a heart attack some one ...

 Why is it that once you are on high cholesterol medication, you are on it for life?
This is the case even after your cholesterol level is lowered once you start the medication....

 Does it mean, I am fat if my doctor just told me I have high cholesterol? My LDL is like 183...Help!?

Additional Details
I am small, but always worried about an extra few pounds....

 What is too high for high cholesterol? What numbers are good?
my husband just got his cholesterol test back and the doctor said his numbers are too high....

 Can Anxiety do this or shoud I still worry about my heart?
Male early 40's: 4 months ago I experienced a near fainting spell sitting at work. My right arm went numb then the left and I almost passed out. This was very frightening. Since then I have ...

 What gives strokes?

 Blood test tells me that I am low in potassium. why?

 What is immediate cure for High blood Pressure?
what can I do if I have high blood pressure and I am dying?...

 I have severe refractory edema from CHF - I value hearing your insights?
I got CHF after MASSIVE MI post car crash. Today, my Ejection fraction is 50% & holding steady. My kidney functions, creatinine clearance, albumin, liver panel & lipids are fine. 9 months ...

 How long to stay in hospital after hip replacement ?
My 87 year old mother has just had a hip replacement this week.

Does anyone know how long she is likely to need to stay in hospital ?

Also, how much help will she need when she ...

 What does transfemoral mean?

 Does aspirin(taken by heart patient) cause bleeding in the bladder?

Additional Details
this is for my dad and actually his doctor did say the bleeding had something to do with aspirin, so I guess his doctor doesn't really know what he's ...

 Any medical professionals?
I have been having pressure in my chest. I am 22 year old with a pacemaker and asthma. So, i took my xopenox nebulizer and now i feel worse. I feel short of breath,jittery, and still pressure in my ...

 What could cause my heart to do this?
sometimes when im exercising or just hanging out my heart will get fast, causing me to sometimes loose vision a little, get lightheaded, and occasionaly chest pains. i once passed out from this, the ...

 How can i heal a broken heart?

Would a ekg pick up pass heart attacks?

Keegan L

yes it could... a Q wave on an EKG would signify a past heart attack

Yes, to the extent that the heart was damaged by previous attack.

No, only a blood enzyme test will do this.

Inverted T wave shows that there was a heart problem.

Yes, an ECG can show a previous heart attack, as during an attack, some areas of tissue become hypoxic, and may lose their conductive properties, showing an alternate tracing on an ECG. It can't, however, show when the last heart attack occurred.

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