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 Chest pain?
I am a 37 year old female, in relatively good shape, low end of normal blood pressure, no heartburn etc. Sometimes my heart feels like someone put it in a vise-hurts to breath. Usually happens when ...

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I am taking pills and yes I do have a headache

52 years 190 pounds 6'1" never smoked and stopped drinking beer....

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 Can a person under 20 get a heart attack?
Seriously? No one answerd me last time. Please, I really want to know. I'm just kinda curious.
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and is it likely, and why might they get it at such a young age?...

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 Please HELP! heart beatin to slow/fast?
i am a lad of 19,and for the past 2-3 years i have always be aware of my heart beating to fast,i have had a few time were my heart beats really fast for a couple of minutes,i went to my doctor he ...

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I just ate the most heart unhealthy meal ever, it was like a pork salad with butter soup, lol. And my heart is pounding insanely. Will a blood thinner pill help?...

 Female 28yrs but losing my hair? atenolol?
Iam quite worried about this I used to have thick hair but now its thin and bear in patchs could it be my medication atenolol?
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cancer! of course why didnt i think of ...

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 Question about death certificate?
On my dad's death certificate it says for the cause of death "Myocardial Infarction, Probable" and this was written by his doctor. He didn't have an autopsy done, but the ...

 Why did my father die of heart failure in Kaiser's care?
My father suffered a major heart attack two weeks ago. He went to the main hospital (not Kaiser) where they performed an Angioplasty surgery on him. When I went in to see him, he looked great. Nice ...

 Where are you in my heart?

 Experiencing Numbness and tingling in hands and feet.Why?
I Feel my hands and feet falling asleep more often than before. Hands feeling cold more often. What's wrong....

samar s
Why the face turns blue/black after death due to heart attack?

I have personally taken care of many pts after they pass, and they are not black/blue after death, but very pale. They are very creamy colored and their lips are pale.
Heart attac pts turn blue while they are in v tach because they are not pumping blood out of their heart and it backs up making them a little purplish colored. When their heart stops, they turn pale.

lack of oxygen perhaps?
i mean the heart pumps oxygen, and well what colour did you think you turn after death? a nice rosey pink?

Lord L
lack of blood flowing.

From what I've read, it's not just after a heart attack. Death causes the body to deteriorate and decompose.

no blood flow!

the face and body turn blue/black after any death. Once your body has died your heart is no longer pumping blood to those parts of your body.

Because there is no blood or oxygen moving in the body.

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