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 Someone plz help me how do i stop a heart burn?

Why does my heart race every time I try to go to sleep?
Every day when I lie down in bed and try to get to sleep, my heart starts racing and I can't get to sleep, and end up lying there for about a half hour to an hour before I can actually go to sleep. What's wrong? I'm only 15.

hi there
could be due to many reasons consulth your local JP.

Texas Chick
could be your hormones, anxiety.

Tim Br
eating too late?

chandrasekharam b
Please consult your cardiologist immediately for necessary investigation and treatment, to exclude any MS etc.,.

It sounds like you could be experiencing anxiety. If there are concerns or worries in your mind that you perhaps ignore during the day, then they are likely to surface when your mind is less active. I had a similar experience in my adolescence. If you have worries, perhaps you could talk about them with your parents. Alternatively you could see your doctor. I used to read a book before sleeping - this helped a great deal.

Lewis W
Dehydration can lead to palpitations and a a general increase in your heart rate. Do you drink enough fluids throughout the day and before you sleep.
If this is not helpful a useful forum to post this question on is:

If they cannot help then i suggest a visit to your doctor is required.

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