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someone e....
Why do I have angina?
I'm 16. I had sharp pains in both sides of my chest . I thought It was angina so I told my parents. They took me for an ECG scan but there was nothing wrong with the results to suggest a heart problem. Still, the pain occurs. WHY??

stephen p
Sharp pains in both sides of the chest sounds more like a chest wall pain or muscle pain. You don't say whether you are doing any weight training or other regimens. Talk it over with your doctor. Explain the pain to him, as well as your activity level, exercise, etc. Don't just ignore it and hope it goes away. This can be a big mistake.

Most probably its a musculoskeletal pain. It will subside taking NSAID(Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).

I think you should go back to your doctor because this can be serious. Maybe it is indigestion or heartburn.Really you should follow up with your doctor.

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