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charmika p
Why can i feel my heart beat in my stomach?

because its a pressure point! if your stomach is hurting there and you rub the heart beat until its slowed down you stomach will stop hurting. it's works i promise!

Paul K
The vibrations are traveling through your ribs and blood. Blood is like water, and it carries vibrations

Because your heart feeds a major artery that travels down through your body and passes behind your stomach called the Aorta. This artery is about as thick as a popcycle and feeds all the other major arteries in your body. If you are young, healthy, and don't have a lot of fat, you can feel your aorta pulsating just like your heart in your stomach.

You are feeling your abdominal aorta. After the aorta takes off of your heart, it descends down your abdomen and "ends" when it splits to become the femoral arteries that travel down your thigh.

redd headd
because you have blood vessels there.

Hello Charmika,

What you are feeling in the area of Your stomach is not your Heart Beat, but the pulse being conducted through a Very Large Artery in the Abdominal Cavity Called the Abdominal Aorta.

Below is a website with further information, and I think that perhaps a course in Human Anatomy and Physiology will be beneficial in your future career.

These kind of questions are usually asked by those that have an interest in working in Medicine......


Best of Luck!

Well, your heart sits right next to your stomach.

I think, though, that you are asking about your lower abdomen. Your very large artery (aorta) travels down your belly and divides to go down the legs at about the level of your navel. If you are thin, you can probably feel it pulsing when you are stressed (working out, etc.)

I asked the same question to a nurse in the hospital once..apparently this is completely normal, and felt more often when you are thin..I forgot the exact reason..has something to do with arteries or something and blood flow being closer on your abdomen.

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