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 What is the risk of having a slow heart rate?
My son is 17 years old,116 pounds,6',healthy.We were just told to see a specialist for a slow heart rate....

 Heart failure? Details...?
My deasrest friend: 64 year old female. Type 2 diabetes for 20 years. No exercise (but always *on the go*). Non smoker for life. Has eaten extremely healthy for 3.5 years prior (fruits, veggies, ...

 What is sinus arrythmia?
the medical encyclopedia said that it is an irregular heartbeat but why with the word "sinus"...

 High BP at the Dr.?
Whenever I got to the Dr. my bp shoots up rather high bottom number in the low 90's.
However I do have a home bp montior and it's always fine at home.
Does this happen to anyone ...

 Heart question?
ok i saw my cardiologist and he did a endocardiogram on me he said my heart looks strong and is pumping blood just fine but their is a small leak in one of my valves he told me that if that is infact ...

 If your children's father passed away at 41 from a heart attack ..... ...
What type of things would you do to help prevent them from having the same fate? I have a 11 and 12 year old. I am looking for a more specific answer then just see the doctor, please....

 Do I have heart disease?
I am nineteen years old and obese. I have been overweight all of my life. I am working on getting into shape, but because I have so much excess weight it is going to take me a long time.


 My blood press. read 175/110. 30 mins later i had 140/80 how is that possible?
My Docs assistant made the first measurement and the Doc him self made the second measurment. so i don't know if i got high blood press. or not

"Correction to the question i ...

 I need to know-help is this my heart!?
I have asked some questions lately about chest pain and nitro.This is whats going on-I was to have a stress test do to chest pain I was having,the day before the test I had to go to the er because ...

 Baffled about blood pressure?
My boyfriend and I were at the grocery store yesterday and we decided to take his blood pressure at the pharmacy. Last time he went to the doctor it was slightly high. We checked it this time and it ...

 Do you know anyone who has died with S-A-D-S ?
do you know of anyone who has died with sudden arrythmia death syndrome ? i would like to know how many people have actually had a friend, family , or heard of death by this cause ..
i lost a ...

 Is an angiogram a dangerous procedure?

 How long does a heart by pass last on average?

 What r the risks of leaving the right coronary artery block untreated?
Angiogram results: LCA angio shows LMCA is normal.LAD type iii vessel shows 30-40 % stenosis. distal Lad is free of disease.RCA is dominant and has mid long diffused disease followed by total ...

 What are considered Heart Healthy foods?

 What is a heart murmur is it dangerous fatal?
my boyfrend had 1 and i just want 2 know if its realy seriouse. plz ...

 Does caffeine cause a baby's heart to skip a beat?
I am 31 wks pregnant and I have a heart murmur. I went to the doctors yesterday and the baby's heart was skipping a beat. The doctor said that it was nothing to worry about i just need to stop ...

 What can you take or do to stop the wierd feeling you get when an attack of atrial fibrulation comes upon you?

 How does blood clot?
I'm doing a report on blood and I need to know exactly how blood clots. As in the process and such....

 Is it my angina or a Heart attack?
Im a 31 year old female with variant angina I,ve been having pain for the past 4 hours usually it stops after a few minutes now the pain is radiating to my jaw and back my nitro is no longer working ...

Why can't I have caffine 24 hrs prior to a stress test?
I'm having a stress test tomorrow morning at 8am. I was supposted to stop all caffine 24 hours prior to the test but forgot and drank coffee until 10am today will that be ok?

J. P
Because it will disrupt your system and not give an accurate reading. To put it in the simplicist terms

because it drives up your blood pressure, and could give false returns on a stress test. tell doc howmuch coffee you had, and they can figure that into your results

it raises your blood pressure

yeah, its only 2 hours short of 24 hrs you should be fine. if it concerns you though mention it to the doc. anyway, caffeine effects how hard your heart works and raises blood pressure so it can alter the test results

AsianPersuasion :)
I think you should mention that to the Doc before the test. Caffeine elevates heart rate.

Because caffeine raises blood pressure and will affect your test. Your test will not be accurate if you drink coffee within that time. That's why they tell you not to drink any caffeine.

if your doctor has told you to stop drinking coffee prior to TMT ,you have to follow his orders.there is some reason behind it.drinking coffee may alter your BP and pulse rate which will give you false positive reports.

No caffeine, no smoking it all has to do with your heart rate & blood presure,and ekg. Tomorrow if your walking the treadmill no caffine after midnight I tell my patients.Also nothinh to eat or drink 2 hours before your appt.If your not walking the treadmill caffine is bad if you are having a chemial stress test using persantine,adenosine,dobutamine because you may have reaction with the medication they will inject to speed your heart rate up as if you were walking.Make sure you tell the Cariologist how you feel at all times if you are feeling any sob ,chest pain or fatigue so your dr can document how you are feeling.Cardiologist, and ekg tech will be monitoring you the whole time. Hope I could help nuclear medicine tech asst.

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