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Which is worse low blood pressure or high blood pressure?
I have suffered with high blood pressure for some time but after visiting the doctor it is now low 122/60 . Wich is worse high or low

no doubt high BP is more harmful than low BP.
low BP causes no disease other than some weakness,,drowsiness.... but high BP causes heart failure,, brain haemorrhage,, & some other life threating diseases.

they say they are both the same, but to me, i think low is better.

Vera Gabriele
High blood pressure is worse.. for low blood pressure you can drink black coffee... High blood pressure can lead to heart disease... Low blood pressure can make people feel dizzy but it's normally not serious...

yours is just fine... it's not too low really...xx

Can I help you?
High BP is worse than low BP. You do not have low BP. you have average bp. You need to outline if you have been on any medicine?diet.exercise regiment. While there are risks associated with low BP, the risks and long term mortality prognosis is higher with HIGH BP.

Dinty Moore
You blood pressure is not low but perfectly normal. You should be happy. As long as it is not extremely low (under 100) generally speaking low is a lot more healthy than high blood pressure.

The 122 sounds good but the 60 might be a little too low- maybe your doctor can lessen the meds just abit to get the bottom number up above 70- usually anything less than 60, you could get lightheaded while driving or pass out!!!! so talk to your MD right away- I have seen blood pressures like 400++/150!!!! which is a hypertensive crisis!! but the person actually walked into the ER with a persistent headache and nothing else with a blood pressure that high!! See a blood pressure could spike that high and cause a stroke, which is dangerous BUT it is just as dangerous to have moderately high blood pressure because that high pressure constantly could weaken the blood vessels in your head, eyes, and kidneys where the blood vessels are really fragile, and eventually that could lead to a stroke, blindness or kidney failure- so that is why blood pressure should be kept the highest around 130-140/80-90, anything higher could cause damage in the long run

Your blood pressure is GREAT, especially if you have been diagnosed with hypertension. Normal systolic pressure (top number) should be between 90 and 120. 121-129 is considered 'pre-hypertensive. 130 and above is hypertensive. The diastolic number (bottom) should be between 50 and 90. 50 is kind of low, but for some people, that's normal.
Now, as far as which is worse.... It's much better for your BP to be a little low than a little high. But, extremely low blood pressure (I'm talking like systolic 50, diastolic 30), will kill you. Extremely high blood pressure (200/130) will cause a stroke and potentially death. It is not good to have either in extreme. Over time, slightly high blood pressure (like 140/95) causes damage to the microstructure of your blood vessels, which can lead to stroke, kidney problems, etc. Blood pressure is a really fasscinating bodily mechanism. There are lots of things that can raise or lower it, including fluid intake, drugs, stress, execise... the list goes on. Hypertension (HTN), which is high blood pressure, is known as the silent killer, because many people do not feel it's effects. They think... well, I don't have symptoms, so it's not a big deal. But little by little, HTN increases the risk for heart attack and stroke... and heart disease is the number one killer in the US. Lots of people die every year due to heart problems that could have possibly been avoided if they had their BP in check. The only people who die from Low BP are those who go into shock (usually from blood loss, like in a car accident or other trauma), or those who over dose on drugs. Usually, if you have low BP (systolic under 90 and diastolic under 50) the biggest poblem you will have is getting dizzy, possibly fainting.... usually not fatal.... biggest problem with HTN... heart attack... potentially fatal.... so, I would definately go with high blood pressure as being worse.

the worst is having a high blood pressure ,,,...usually your blood pressure became low when at night.. . actually in your case 122/60 was quite fine..just be sure always in the right diet and always make exercise...

Are you taking a drug prescribed by your doctor that acts to lower your blood pressure? However, to answer your question, an extreme variable, either high or low is an indicator which has negative sequella. Chronic, and untreated hypertension will eventually result in cardiomyopathy or an enlarged left cardiac ventricle. This will result in poor cardiac output which will compromise the effectiveness of your other major organs, and more likely than not, be represented as dependent lower extremity pedal edema. Chronic low blood pressure is usually coupled with a high pulse rate which is not good either. But if I had to choose one, I would rather have low B/P.

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