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 What complications can arise from an Irregular heartbeat?
I just talked to my dad about an hour ago and he told me he may have an irregular heartbeat. I've tried researching it on the internet but its all too scientific. Can any body help me ...

 Irregular heartbeat?
can medicine cause your heart to beat irregularly? my heart seems to skip a beat, i only notice this at night for the past 2 nights, and i take my medicine twice a day (Naproxen), in the morning and ...

 What is more powerful mind or heart?

 Sinus tachie cardia?
does anyone know of anyway to help slow the heart rate down? Its sinus tachia so all the drs here say theres not much they can do but i know someone out there must have some answers...

 Do you know that it is possible to clean blocked arteries without bypass? Vitamin"K' treatment helps to clean.
Vitamin"K' treatment can help in cleaning blocked arteries. Doctors normally don't suggest this because they will loose income. If they get a patient with blocked arteries,they will ...

 Blood pressure wrist unit?
Is the blood pressure results as accurate using a wrist blood pressure unit device as a arm blood pressure unit?...

 How can a heart murmur be detected by a cardiologist using a electrocardiogram recording?

 My baby girl has tetralogy of fallot, does anyone know of a non open heart procedure to correct the problem?
our doctors here in the philippines say that only way for her is an complete correction via open heart surgery. is there another way to correct the problem?...

 What is a perferated artery?
it may be spelled perforated- but I'm not sure.
Additional Details
Also, do is it dangerous, like will it kill you, or what can you do for it to heal?...

 Heart byepass surgery. Is it a money making mechine for hospitals?
Recently it is noticed that many super speciality hospitals doing only scanning and byepass heart sugery have come up in india. They charge between 3-6 lakhs per patient.

Anybody having ...

 Has anyone ever gotten a high heart rate from wellbuterin or mirtazipine?
I read in my pharmacolagy book that it can cause high heart rate and irregular beats but when I told my doctor he dismissed it....

 What are the possible causes, potential diseases and likely outcomes of having high blood pressure?
Mine is about 140/85.
I'm a 17 year old boy.

I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. What is going to happen? What could be wrong with me? What's the WORST possible thing ...

 When a person has heart surgery does their personality change?
How long does this change last till they are back to their normal self that you use to ...

 If you were to get an ECG what would be the best number of leads to use?

 Blood pressure medications?
Are there any blood pressure medications that increase blood pressure from the blood pressure being low and back to normal?
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I am actually asking for advice for my ...

 Help! i dont know why i have high blood pressure!?!?
I believe i had always had higher than normal blood pressure. But i cant figure out why. I am a healthy male, eat more than my fair share of greens, and exercise on a daily basis and yet, when i went ...

 Chest Pain?
I am 20 yrs old and in college. I am 5'6" and weigh just under 150 lbs. I was an athlete all through high school and still have the same build i had in high school. to my knowledge i ...

 Anyone have side affects from taking the heart medication Nicoradil?

 My heart hurts when I breathe?
Well I think its my heart it could possibly be my lungs. It hurts when I breathe or lay down or when I do the tiniest physical things. I'm only 15. Oh and I have asthma too.
Additional D...

 My grandmother is ill. Please help!! Doctors and Nurses very appreciated!!!!!?
My grandmother is 56 years old and not long ago was diagnosed with COngestive heart failure. Today around noon, she was saying she felt achy. She then decided to lay down and rest. She slept till 4:30...

When you know you probably have a blockage in your heart can changing you life style and diet immediately?
change the out come of a would be heart attack or stroke,and how long if possible would it take your body to clear the blockage , with your help and change of life style, I some how feel that to many people just wait and do nothing thinking a open heart repair will make them as good as new, but from what i have seen it only adds more health problems due to the amout of drugs a person must take every day after getting the open heart repair,I know we most all realize the heart problems come from what we eat and being to lazy and not working off the bad stuff, so why can't a person change their own heart health in a short amount of time just by changing their thinking and eating / plus working a little harder???

There are good ayurvedic products which removes the blockages without any surgery and also works as prophylactic for coronary artery disease. These capsules are capable of avoiding bypass, angiopalsty, stent or chelation therapies. Unfortunately, when you come to know that there is some thing wrong with your heart, you have already crossed the danger mark and you will not have time. You are forced to go for surgical treatment. Look for products like Rudved/Cardoved/Suved/Hridayarnav Ras in google search engine.

Laurence W
I had a bypass last year, and I have very severe blockages.

A concientious low fat (10%-20% ?) and healthy diet, lots of exercise, and stress reduction has been documented to slowly reverse partial blockages by an average of about 5% a year, but only in 2/3 of patients. Look up information on the Dean Ornish diet.

I get angina easily if I have a meal with even a small amount of fat. twelve french fries tree weeks ago, and I had pains off and on for a week, when I usuallly have none.

Regular exercise will help develop collateral vessels in your heart, giving an internal re-pipe. But you may still need a bypass, as I did, and I have full collateralization of my entire heart.

I agree with racer 51. Once the blockage is there, no amount of exercise, diet or lifestyle changes will make it go away. Making these changes may only keep it from getting worse. Open heart surgery is not the quick fix for lazy people....

racer 51
once the blockage is there, diet and exercises won't help. it adheres itself to the arterial walls. if you have one, you'd better have it taken care of by a doc.

Hi I'm 45 years young. I had my 1st Heart attack at age 36. I have had 3 total Heart attacks the last one about 4 yrs ago. I stopped taking all meds 3 1/2 yrs ago. I was on 8 different meds and felt like poo. I was in great physical shape allways on the run.when I had my 1st, I smoked allot and drank lots of coffee. I don't smoke, drink 2 cups of caffeine coffee a day. Use EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and canola oil. I have 3 stints and have not had to have Open Heart. So I suggest you get fixed and then change your life. Good luck and God bless.

Ryan's mom
You have to have medical treatment, and THEN you need to change your eating habits. My father-in-law just died in March from a massive heart attack, because even after having several surgeries, and having a pacemaker put in he still kept eating the way he did before. Protect your health at all costs. Think before you put that chip in your mouth about how it will affect your heart!

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