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Sherry A
When someone dies of arrhythmic cardiac death, do they suffer?

here the info about causes, prevention tips and treatment of arrhythmias irregular heartbeats...so better prevent them rather than worrying about suffering...

Dead people do not suffer. If a patient died of ventricular fibrillation or asystole, the first thing that would happen would be loss of consciousness. Right before that, one might feel very dizzy or nauseated, the same sort of feeling one might get if one stood up too fast, but this would of course not last long.

Usually, unless they experience sudden death. But you must remember, the pain is only temporary.

Remember Wilfred Hetzel?
How can we know? You would have to die, and then return from the dead, (not near death folks) to know the answer.

I doubt it very seriously. The heart starts beating erratically, which usually causes the patient to lose consciousness rather quickly, so they shouldn't feel anything. It's not like a myocardial infarction, where a part of the heart is dying and causes crushing chest pain.

Yes. It's roughly the same as a heart attack. If anything, it's slightly less painful than a heart attack.

The main problem which is associated with cardiac arryhtmias is poor blood supply (organ perfusion) to vital organs like heart, kidneys and brain and also these victims are vulnerable to develop blood clots in their circulation.
If they get unnoticed during the episode of an arryhtmia, it often end up in death. Even in the controlled environments like intensive care units sometime death is imminent if the person experience a fatal cardiac arrythmias.
Depends on the type of arrhythmia, people experience palpitation, dizziness, sweating and sometime pain if it is associated with cardiac ischemia(angina/heart attack)
However, most of the times the victim suddenly loss consciousness during the episode hence may not feel any discomfort like pain.
Normally, they do suffer from the complications that are associated with the cardiac arrhythmia like blood clots and complications associated with the drugs that they are taking.
Hope, this helps.

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