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When and why is warfarin prescribed?

Dee L
It is an artifical form of vitamin K and is used to prevent thrombosis (blood clotting) it is given to anyone who has had a blood clot so is often prescribed to heart attack patients.

we have factor five in our family and have to have warfarin it thins the blood out so it dont clot.. this makes it easy to recieve bruises even from the smallest knocks and if a warfarin taker get a cut they may need hospital treatment as the blood dont clot to heal the wound... if an operation is needed the patient would normaly have to come off of the warfarin in order to have it as the chances of them bleeding to death are greatly increased...... i hope this helps...lolxx

It thins the blood when you have a blood clot

Go on any web site and ask for warfarin.
It is a blood thinner.

michael G
Blood thinner. Helps prevent clotting after surgery, for dialysis patients, and sometimes used instead of Plavix after angioplasty.

Dr Frank
Warfarin is an anticoagulant. If is prescribed either to prevent clots forming in patients at risk, i.e. with heart rhythm or valve problems, or to allow the body to remove pre-existing clots, such as deep vein thrombosis. It does not in itself dissolve clot.

hms jollies
warfarin is given to heart attack victims to thin the blood so the risk of the blood clotting is less copuilgin is a form of it and is given 1/4 hours after heart attack to less in the chance of a blood clot getting stuck in the heart

I have been on warfarin since 1998 for heart problems and to prevent further strokes, it is mainly to prevent more stokes due to blood clots forming in your body. I have never had any obvious side effects and no problems with cuts healing. I have blood test regularly to measure INR (whatever that is) which ideally read 2.5. Whenever I take any other medication that may also effect the reading I am told to have a blood test, but the effects compared to warfarin are always found to be minimal. I never have any bruising although I know people who have. Some consultants refer to wafarine as rat poison.

dee t
a friend of mine had a blood clot on her lung....she was prescribed warfarin for that

Terry J
warfarin is an anticoagulant given to patients to prevent premature clotting from taking place inside the body. These clots could cause eschemic (stopping blood flow) events in the heart, lungs, and brain. It is given to cardiac risk patients, post stroke patients, patients with various heart conditions, and etc. It may be given in conjunction with other similar drugs like aspirin.

hope this helps.

It's primarily used to prevent thrombosis in veins and to prevent clot formation in arteries. It's used to manage a heart attack: decreasing the risk of death, decreasing the risk of subsequent heart attack, and decreases the risk of future thromboembolic events.

there may be other uses such in after different surgeries but I dont know about the specifics right now.

it doesn't actually dissolve clots but it prevents your body from forming them

Pleasant Peter Perkins
It is an anti-coagulant that inhibits the clotting of blood. It is most commonly used when a patient is suspected of having and embolism.

Warfarin is an anti coagulant, it stops the blood from clotting. It is prescribed to patients that have had a clot, pehaps in the heart (causing a heart attack), a stroke or a pulmonary embolus (clot in the lungs). If you are unsure why this medicine has been prescibed, see your G.P.

warfarin is commonly called a 'blood thinner.' it is prescribed to prevent the formation of blood clots. people who are at risk for forming clots (sedentary, history of clots, atrial fibrillation) are generally prescribed warfarin to help reduce the risk of forming clots to prevent pulmonary emboli or strokes.

this will tell you everything

I have a name now
my mum has it as she has an irregular heart beat and a enlarged heart she has to take warfarin to thin the blood and help stop a blood clot,warfarin also called/used as rats poison...

Its used in any case where the blood needs to be thinned out. Alot of the time its when people have heart problems xx

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