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 Can a 15 year old have a heart attack?
i'm a little ...

 Should he go to emergency room or wait (85% blockage in cornonary artery)?
My dad has a blockage of 85% in his coronary artery. He has no health insurance. He had an appointment with a Dr who has cancelled on him 3 times due to emergencies coming up. I'm worried that ...

 From where can i get imformation on different heart diseases , there causes and cure in detail?

 Do Vegetarians get Heart Disease?

Additional Details
What percentage is gene related?...

 Beta Blockers Atenalol are they safe?
I have been on atenalol for 2 years. I know there was a scare about them a few months ago. My doctor has kept me on them are they safe, has anyone been taken off them?...

 If any of your parents had or died from a stroke, do you have a higher chance of going through the same...?
(when you are your parent's age?)

Or in other words, are stroke conditions genetical?...

 My heart palpatations happen literally hundreds of times a day. Is this normal?
In Summer 2002 I went to the doctor because I had started feeling a 'sinking' feeling in my chest. At that time I didn't think it was my heart as it was more like when you take a ...

 Why is this happening? Please help my friend asap!?
My best friend is Passing out from her heart, and also swelling in her ankles that is coming from her heart and also and her heart rate goes between 120 beats per minute , down to as low as 60 beats ...

 For those of you who have studied human physiology?
Fluid retention: I have been prescibed a drug to control my blood pressure, I understand that it works like a diuretic and helps to rid the fluid build up in the body. So can someone explain to me ...

 I have had to claim for dla(disability living allowance)any advice on how to fill in the form?
i have recntley undergone a heart op for blocked arteries the doctor told me that i have a heart disease which i shall have for the rest of my life . there is a possiblity that i will have to have ...

 At times, my mom feels that her heart is jumping out of her mouth.?
My mom would have these episodes when she said it feels like her heart is jumping out of her mouth and she would cough when she tries to speak.

What can it be?...

 Did I just have a Heart Attack? what just happened to me?
I'm 19 I just had really bad pains in the chest right where my heart is, I fell to the floor and I couldn't move. my left arms shoulder was numb and I almost craped myself. it still hurts ...

 I am 47 and my blood pressure is 119/71, is that ok or the 71 is high?

 What is the normal cholesterol rate for a 55yr old woman?
ive got a letter fron hospital to say my cholesterol was 5.4mmol/i is that normal or to high dont understand ...

 Will you please pray for her?
I have a best friend who is going to be 25 in May. I am going to be 20 in November and I'm a guy. She lives in Texas and I live in Indiana. Just recently she had to go to the hospital because ...

 I am suffering from severe Heart Burn. Diagnised as GERD. No improvements in Lansaprozole / Pentaprozole etc.?
Siddha / Ayurvedic any suggestions and experiances. Pl Help ...

 I'm wondering if I could have heart problems?
I noticed whenever I lay down on my belly to rest I find my heart beat does not feel normal, like it beats a little harder & slower? and also when I lay down on my left side but laying on my ...

 What is the main vein leading to the heart called?

 Are you supposed to feel weak after a heart attack?

 How can I specify to donate my heart (upon death) to a friend who has heart failure?
I am registered as an organ donor in the state of CA and it's also updated on my drivers license and I also carry the ID card with me in my wallet next to the license. I emailed the registry ...

When a person dies of natural causes do the pupils in the eyes dilate or get small?

they dilate.

I agree with fuzz buzz they dilate

Susan T
Dilate a bit - but depends on what you are refering to as natural causes.

it does not matter how they died. there eyes will always dialate.


When breathing and the heartbeat have stopped, the eyes become fixed in position and the pupils dilate.

good Question the Eyes Dilated and Fixed

amy s
AC has the answer that I was going to say, they always dilate when you die


L_H Qutub(Retired)
All the above respondents answered very well, but they forgot to mention DILATED AND FIXED. If you don't write FIXED in the death certificate you can land in trouble.
Hope it's clear to all, always be cautious in written works.

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