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What tests do cardiologists do?
I am going to the cardiologist soon and I don't know what they are going to do to me. Does anyone know the tests that they usually do?
Additional Details
sorry i accidently posted the question twice. my stupid computer!

leonard s
they will remove your heart and eat it in front of you, sorry
they will do blood tests and a stress test(there are several types, matters on who you are) they will take your blood pressure siting, lying down and standing.

marie a
It depends on the severity of what's going on with you. They may do an ekg, a treadmill stress test ,a test where they run a wire through your groin into your heart to check for blockage, or they may take pictures of your heart before and after injecting dye. Good Luck!

kyra k
stress test(monitor heart while running on treadmill-its actually kinda fun!).ecg,also called ekg-electrodes on chest check heart rhythmn.those are the most common.if problems are foud on either of those tests,next step includes possibly,ultrasound of heart.halter monitor(take home,monitors heart rhythmn several days).angiogram.cat scan of heart.

Mike G
Hopefully they did the SATs, medical boards, and any qualifying exams needed to become a cardiologist.

Chest X rays

ECG (Electrocardiogram) -- you lie on the table and they put little gel tabs all over you with wires attached. A quick run of your heart rhythm is put on a computer and may print out. The gel tabs come off easily, but don't wear too much lotion or they won't stick.

Echo (echocardiogram) -- basically an ultrasound of the chest cavity. The worst part of this is the horrid goopy gel they smear all over your chest and the pressure of the tool they run all over your chest to get the reading. The cool thing is that you get to see the pictures on the TV while the cardiologist explains everything to you.

Stress test -- they hook you up to a heart monitor and have you run on a treadmill. They may ask you to do push a little, just to measure what your heart can handle, but they won't work you like you've hired a personal trainer.

Holter monitor -- a portable heart monitor that you wear home and sleep in, keeping a log of everything you do for 24 hrs. This lets your cardiologist know how your heart functions in your everday life. You can drop it off with an the office the next day or in some cases mail it back via their pre-arranged courier service.

Arteriogram -- usually a prescheduled out-patient surgery, very minor. They go into an artery between the groin and abdomen. The incision is very small -- dont' worry; it will only feel a little tender. They insert a catheter into the artery, usually with a dye or a camera that helps them look at and test the arterial blockage. Sometimes if they find blockage they can go ahead and expand the artery with a balloon. Occasionally a stint is placed in the artery to hold the widened position. You won't have this test done in the office that day, however. Technically, it's a surgery and you may not even need it anyway.

Good luck!

Sharel H
ECG's, Echos, it depends on the problem. Unless it's serious and requires immediate aid then you don't really have to worry that it will be invasive.

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