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Mr. Curious
What should you do if a person is having a heart attack?
Besides Calling 911... what actions should you take? Are you supposed to put their legs up or something? give them aspirin?

the defibrillator reference was silly, at best. defibrillators are for people in cardiac arrest not having a heart attack AKA myocardial infarction AKA "The Big Kahuna" the real answer:

call 9-1-1 (or other emergency #)
try to calm them
give them a CHEWABLE aspirin if they are not allergic.
lie them flat on their back
loosen restrictive clothing

First, call 911, give aspirin if available. If they are conscious and breathing, that's all I'd do until help arrived. If they stopped breathing or had no pulse, I'd do CPR or give them rescue breaths.

lover girl
call 9-1-1 and while u r waiting on them.push o the heart.give cpr.if needed.get inline for more help @healthcentersonline.com

First call 911! Then make them comfortable, loosen clothing etc. and pray.

Are you talking heart attack symptoms? One baby aspirin is good to give them if they are not complaing of nausea and/or vomiting. Otherwise, call 911 and while you are waiting, stay with the person and if possible make them comfortable....or more comfortable by helping to position them where it is easier for them to breath.

If you've never taken a CPR class....take one ASAP before someone has problems. The more you know what to do, the better off you'll feel when an emergency happens.

A person with chest pain may not be able to lay flat and you should not lay them flat unless they are unconscious. Putting someone's feet up is done for shck...to get BP up. If a person is unconcious and breathing, you do not need to do CPR, but you need to watch them closely for signs of vomiting....turn them quickly to their side if they start gagging/vomiting. If the person has false teeth, remove them if you can. The teeth could become a source for choking. Mostly though, with someone displaying symptoms of an M.I., the best thing to do is call 911 and then stay and monitor the person till help arrives or unless they stop breathing....then do CPR till help arrives.

It is now possible for private homes to have a defribillator. They are expensive, but for those who have adults around them vulnerable to life threatening cardiac arrythmias, it may save a life to buy one and learn how to use it.

That depends on the location. If you are lucky enough to be in an Airport, Mall or other shopping area then there are probably defibrillators somewhere in the area, look for one and use it. If not then I don't know what to tell you.

lay them on the floor and rap them in a warm blanket.
elevate their feet so they dont go into shock.
give them asprin and call an ambulence

Doc Armalite
Hmmmmm. You said heart attack, not neccessarily cardiac arrest. If someone is having bad chest pain and thus, maybe a heart attack, you just make them comfortable, and call 911. If they have nitroglycerin, put one of them under their tounge, and repeat in 5 min. if needed. Give them an adult sized aspirin with some water if you can. They should be resting. Talk optimistically to comfort them. They don't need to worry about anything.

If they appear to have had a cardiac arrest, first shake them and yell to them to see if they respond. If not, check their carotid pulse on the side of the neck under the jaw. If they have a pulse, but are not breathing, then get them on back, tilt their head so their mouth is elevated. Squeeze their nose shut, and put your mouth completely around their mouth and blow hard into their mouth to get their chest to rise good. Then let it go down, and repeat. Check first to make sure they don't have any food or lose dentures in their mouth. If you can't get their lungs to expand, you either got something blocking their throat, or you don't have their head ****** good enough, or you just aren't trying hard enough. Go call 911, tell them you got someone down and out and come quick, then go back to him. Better yet, just yell loud and make somebody else go call 911, just make sure they do. If he doesn't have a pulse, you got to give him chest compressions, as well as breath for him. You go down and find the bottom of his sternum (breast bone), measure up one hand width above this, then put your right palm heel on the breastbone, and with your left hand shoving down over your right hand, you use both hands to push hard down and compress his chest. You repeat this smoothly like once a second. Every 15 sec. (you are saying aloud 1001, 1002, 1003, etc.) you stop and give him 2 really good mouth to mouth breaths. Make sure his chest raises real good when you do this. If someone else comes who really knows how to help, you split duties, one doing chest compressionsk, and one doing mouth to mouth. Don't worry too much about breaking ribs when doing chest compressions. If you don't do this pretty firmly, it won't do any good. You can't be sued for rendering aid the best you know how. He will die if you can't do this. Of course if someone comes up with a defibrillator, you need to get his shirt off and use it immediately. The quicker they are defibrillated the better their chances. Most such cases involve ventricular fibrillation.

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