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 If I have a lot of pressure in my chest and my heart has been palipitating frequently what could this be?
Help! I dont know if I should leave work and go in, or what i should do? Any medical experts?...

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 My blood pressure is normally 102/68 with a pulse of 92. would you be concerned? Normal? Okay?

Additional Details
I have several people say it's too low. thought i would throw it out here and see what the general opinion was before i spend money going to the doctor about it....

Dr. Phil
What keeps a heart beating?
Why doesn't a heart ever stop beating? What keeps it going?

Your brainstem, and then two nerve bundles in the heart called the SA node and the AV node regulate your heartbeat

sharon w
There are 3 main systems that keeps the heart beating and functioning through out a lifetime. 1. Para sympathetic and sympathetic nervous system,its control center is in the brain. Parasympathetic slows the heart rate,sympathetic,speeds it up.2.Circulating hormones like epinephrine and nor epinephrine,and thyroid hormones.3. The Cardiac muscle electrical pathways,along with electrolytes potassium and sodium,and calcium, produces an electrical conduction that keeps the heart in rhythm with enough force to circulate the blood supply,and maintain a stable "blood pressure". The SA or sino-atrial node starts this electrical impulse, its the "pacemaker" of the heart.The impulse travels to the AV node,artio-lventricular node,then travels to the Bundle of His,then down each Bundle Branch,right and left,then its dispersed to every cardiac cell through the Purkinje Fibers that allow the mechanical contractions of the cardiac muscle.When these neural pathways are disrupted a cardiac arrhythmia or irregularity develops,and can be seen and diagnosed with the ECG.Each different pathway has its own special abnormalities and can be diagnosed and treated.Not only does the ECG show electrical abnormalities,it will diagnose when the heart muscle itself has suffered injury like a heart attack and muscle damage etc. The heart does stop beating when it suffers a disruption in the electrical conduction, it wil "quiver" or fibrillate,severe brain trauma, and circulatory insult like a blood clot and severe strokes. Take care. SW FNP

miss anatomy
the heart makes a ludd-dubb sound by the valves opening and closing! so the blood flow keeps a heart beating!

actually electrical current.

There is a part of the heart that starts the electrical signal it is called the "sinus node". The sinus node is also called the heart's natural pacemaker. It can function without the brain-thats why there are brain dead people who still have a heart beat.

If the sinus node is malfunctioning or not working properly then an artificial (external or internal) pacemaker is needed.

the cells of the heart are one of a kind. they have their own impulses that other cells don't have

The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system control the heart rate and BP.

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