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What is the difference between angioplasty vs catheterization?

Angioplasty involves the inflation of a balloon. Catheterization does not.

I'm not an expert but I believe an angioplasty tube can be expanded whereas a catheter is just a tube.

Catheterization (coronary angiogram) is a procedure of puttinga very small fine wire on your artery (from ur hand or thigh) & the cardiologist will inject small amount of dye. From the scan& recording, we can see ur arteries clearly & see if you have any blockages.
PTCA (Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty) is a procedure where they inserted a balloon on the wire to 'blow up' ur blockages artery site, then after its opened-they will put a stent which is coated w medication.
Cardiologist can do catheterization and followed by angioplasty if the patient are found w blockages more then 70%.

Angioplasty is the mechanical widening of a narrowed or totally obstructed blood vessel. These obstructions are often caused by atherosclerosis. The term derives from the roots "angio" or vessel and "plasticos" fit for molding. The term has come to include all manner of vascular interventions typically performed in a minimally invasive or percutaneous method. In catheterization, a doctor inserts a thin plastic tube (catheter) into an artery or vein in the arm or leg. From there it can be advanced into the chambers of the heart or into the coronary arteries.

Amy P
"Catheterization" is the insertion of a catheter into the body. This term is commonly used as slang to refer to insertion of a catheter up to the heart for the purpose of doing an "angiogram," which is the injection of dye into the arteries that supply blood to the heart, to assess for the presence of stenosis or narrowing of the arteries. The "angiogram" allows one to determine if "angioplasty" is necessary and feasible. An "angioplasty" is the insertion of a balloon tipped catheter across a stenosis with the intention of inflating the balloon and opening the blockage. In conjuntion with an "angioplasty," a "stent" is often inserted into the artery at the site of the stenosis to assist in keeping the artery open. Hope this helps.

Catheterization could legitimately be used for urinary catheterization, central line insertion, or a host of other medical procedures. But in my field, this refers to what I described above.

The way I understand it is:
Angioplasty is placing plastic in partially open artery for blood circulation.
Catheterization is access via a tube through vein or artery to a location inside the body. It could be needed for many reasons.

I am not in any medical field.

cardiac catherization is the procedure done to check for blockages and angioplasty is the procedure to try and open the blockages...both are done with the same type of catherter and sometimes angioplasty is done right after the angiogram

Catheterization is done by inserting a tiny camera on the end on a catheter through a blood vessel in the groin area and threading it up into the coronary arteries to take a look and see if there are any blockages. If so, then angioplasty, which is inflating of a balloon and placement of a wire mesh stent to keep the artery open, might be performed. Other options include bypass surgery.

catheterization unplugs a vein or artery
an angioplasty repairs a weakened or damaged artey or vein

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