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What is it called when your heart just randomly stops?
What are the names of conditions where your heart just randomly stops for a period of time.?

Someone I know has this condition and is in the hospital right now, but I want to know what might actually be wrong.

Thanks so much

<>One's heart does not stop and start. However, a number of conditions could mimic such. Most likely, you are referring to some type of atrial fibrillation. This causes very irregular heartbeats, sometimes with long pauses between beats. Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVCs) are beats that override normal heart rate and can cause feelings of "heart stoppage" in sufferers. The are others, but these are the most common.

Bad Luck.


When the heart has irregular beats, skips beats etc it is called arrhythmia.
Also PVC's. If you Google those maybe you will find something. Hope your friend is ok.

I am no doctor but I went to school with someone that had heart palpitations. You might want to look that up though. Hope it helps.

people can have sick sinus syndrome, bradycardia, complete heart block, those rhythms usually result in a very low heart rate that requires a pacemaker. specially if they have symptoms. I've seen hearts that randomly stop for short periods of time, and it's usually one of the above causes I've named. sometimes too much of a certain medicine or abnormal electrolytes cause a very slow heart beat

asystole-when the heart beats stop, then when they revived heart beat can back but its probably not in normal pattern, there will be an erratic heart beat.Your friend perhaps suffered from heart attact. you should know what really the present disease so that we can know what causes the heart attack.

I do not know of a condition where your heart randomly stops then restarts again spontaneously. If your heart stops it is known as cardiac arrest.

citizen insane
The heart will not simply stop beating -- however, it may fail to contract effectively/synchronously, which is almost the same thing. This is generally called congestive heart failure, but for only temporary periods, what you might be referring to is ventricular fibrillation, which is a dangerous condition because it may precipitate heart failure very rapidly -- which is why I imagine your friend/family-member was hospitalized. Ventricular fibrillation may be caused by many things, but is most commonly due to a rapidly-pacing node that may be the AV-node or some other ectopic focus in the ventricles somewhere.

Otherwise, what you might be thinking of is sinus/AV blockade, where the impulses from the SA node fail to reach the ventricles, due to a barrier in the AV-node. This may also result in ventricular tachycardia/fibrillation, because of the lack of a normal rhythm.

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