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What is considered a high heart rate?
Not just what is considered high but how high is dangerous or can potentially damage the heart after prolonged periods? I suffer from panic disorder and generalized anxiety. I also have hypothyroid and am on synthroid. My blood pressure and heart rate are high during a full blown panic attack. My heart rate is generally higher frequently I think do to the generalized anxiety or possibly my thyroid issue? But other than that my blodd pressure is normal or below. My doctor wants to put me on high blood pressure medication but I am not convinced that it is necessary. I am considering going back on an anti anxiety medication with hope that it may help the situation. Any suggestions?

David P
As others have said, 60-90 is a typical resting heart rate. Higher in young children and infants. Athletes in top condition can have a very low resting heart rate. Miguel Indurain, a five-time Tour de France champion, once recorded a resting heart rate of 28.

Normal heart rate is generally 60 to 100.Sustained high heart rate may cause heart damage. When your heart beats faster than normal,do you get dizzyor faint? Has your Dr. ordered a Holter monitor? Normal blood pressure is about 120/80,pre-hypertension is about 140/90. High blood pressure may cause damage to blood vessels,organs and vision.

Christy SD Nurse
A normal heart rate is 60-90. Something above 100 is considered high. At some people do run high due to being over-weight, smoking, or like you anxiety issues. If your heart rate is getting to be above 120 on a regular basis you need to discuss this with your Dr. A normal Blood pressure is 120/80. Medication is considered for 140/90. High blood pressure is a serious risk and should be treated accourdingly.


Crazy Cat Lady
I own a health and nutrition business and have taught fitness. Rather than answer about your heart rate, I will offer a suggestion that may help. A safe heart rate will differ from one person to another depending on your age and weight. But your problem isn't so much your heart rate and blood pressure as it is the panic attacks. So let me offer a bit that may help:
Different's people's bodies will handle B 12 differently depending on age and a myriad of other factors. B 12 is called the "stress vitamin" and people low on it generally can be more prone to anxiety and stress. As a person get's older, they lose their ability to absorb B 12 orally through the digestive system - especialy if they do not eat a lot of red meat.
The solution is to either take B12 sub-lingually or to take shots. Shots can cost time, money and inconvenience. Sublingually (under the tongue) can be a solution. Go to a vitamin section at any store that sells vitamins and find a good sub-lingual B12. 5000 mcg. Dissolve it under your tongue in the morning, at night, and any time you start to feel an anxiety attack coming on. It is a water soluable vitamin, so any excess will wash out, and you may find that your panic disorder may be easier to control as the B12 helps you to handle the stress.
If you have any questions you are free to email me.

I suffered from major anxiety, and my heart rate was pretty high. I was monitored for 24hrs and my heart rate got up to over 200 bpm in a regular day. After being put on a beta blocker, my heart rate is now in the normal range (60-80) and I no longer suffer from excessive anxiety. I do have the occasional attack, but way less severe. So it turned out that it was 'inappropriate tachycardia' (no real reason for high heart rate), and it was causing the panic attacks. For some people it is a rapid heart rate that causes anxiety/panic not the other way around, but having an attack can increase your heart rate even more.
So to answer your question, normal heart rates are 60-80, high normal is 80-100, and 100 and over is considered high. Consistently high heart rate can cause issues that can lead to heart attack, as well as other problems.
Definitely go to your doc to get your thyroid checked, and discuss what would be best for you. Good luck to you.

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