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vishal a
What is anticubital vein in the human body?

Kim V
The veins in the bend of the arm most commonly used to draw blood or place an IV or even give intravenous medicine. In the bend of arm there are three main veins to place a needle. They are the Cephalic vein, the Median Cubital Vein and the basilic vein. The first vein choice for a blood draw is the Median Cubital vein, then the cephalic, and then the basilic.

The anticubital Vein is in the hollow of the arm where you bend it
It is where most lab technicians draw their blood
HOWEVER most ER nurses only use this in emergency situations.
Contrary to what mr. paramedic above me said. We prefer anywhere else on the arm. LOL. And yes unlike alot of my fellow RN's I have the utmost respect for paramedics who really can do all that he said!!!

The antecubital vein runs through the bend in the arm (elbow). It is one of the most common veins for labs to draw blood from.

It is the vein in the hollow of elbow and most intravenous injections are given through this vein.

thats the one the blood bank draws its prime resource from, or where an intraveinous injection might take place, or the nurse or doc' could even take blood samples from it.....a drip feed would probably be fine there too...hope this helps.

Antecubital means at the front of the elbow, in the bend of the elbow.

The antecubital vein is positioned at the bend of the arm.

James F
The opposite of the procubital vein.

It's where RNs start 99% of their IVs because its easier unlike us Paramedic types that can hit any vein from 10 feet away in a moving ambulance/helicopter/whatever!

Just kidding of course, I just said that because my wife is looking over my shoulder and I really wanted her to slap me in the head!

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