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 Does EKG tests always pick up heart Arrythmias?
What is the guaranteed way to pick up a potential heart arrhythmia in a person?...

 What ages do heart attacks usually happen?

 Blood pressure question?
about a month ago i was lifting wieghts at a friends house and it was prety intence, that was the first time in a while i had done that,, the next 3 days i was partying and drinking some and was very ...

 What can I do to lower my cholesterol from 218 to normal?

Additional Details
I do take a fish oil gel cap every day......

 I like a glass of wine in the evening. My doctor said, "Don't drink." Pharmacist says 4 hrs before BP meds OK
I have high blood pressure--really good and low with meds, a.m. and p.m. I don't have more than the one small glass of wine and have had no repercussions that I know of. My daughter says that ...

 How does it feel when you are having a heart attack?
i was wondering this because my uncle passed away from a heart attack and i was just kind of wondering what it felt like. Some say that the pain is unbearable, some say it feels like someone is ...

 Who was the actress who played the female leading role in King Kong?
Guys, let's be humorous we had too much of this heart/cardiology on this segment, lets take a short break a have a chuckle?...

 Does your heart stop beating when you hiccup?

 I am getting an EKG done on Tuesday, can I read the machines myself and how?

 Is it possible to lower your cholesterol in 2 weeks?
I exercise regularly, but will changing my diet for 2 weeks lower the cholesterol for an up coming blood test?...

 Wife suffering from depression or some form of psychotic illness?
she's been suffering from depression for a long time. after 13 years the doctors realised this and prescribed prozac. now prozac is not working. she's suffering from palpitation and panic ...

 What might cause a large increase in diastolic pressure with exercise?
any clues??...

 Help please. I'm only 14!?
My heart beats at 120 bpm +

And when I walk far distances I seem fine but my heart is beating at around 3 bps.

I've had this problem for about 2 weeks. I get pain sometimes ...

 What's the best exercise?
For someone who is easily winded?...

 Do I have high blood pressure, readings vary during day?
I went to the doctor because I have been having a horrible time sleeping. The nurse took my blood pressure and it measures 145/95. However, I am always super nervous while at the doctor. So upon ...

 Heart problems are increasing dramatically in young people. Why does occur?
More and more young people are having heart attacks or just a heart problem. Most of them are non fat. I know a lot of "healthy" young people who walk every day, having heart problems. W...

 Will West Ham avoid relegation?

 My esophagus feels like somethings in there?
A few weeks ago I got news of a transfer with my job to a new state.

Around the same time I've felt like somethings in my esophagus, my heart feels like it's skipping a beat ...

 High blood pressure?
Ok so my dad has high blood pressure. Him and my mom got into this screeming match and afterwards he started throwing up. He said he has a head ache and feels like he will pass out. He said he has ...

 What number is considered borderline high blood pressure and what foods should you avoid?

todd d
What is a small artery called?

I think it's just a small artery.

arteries -> arterioles -> capillaries (capillaries are not true arteries)


A capillary


jennifer d

L_H Qutub(Retired)
Kindly go the link given below as the size of arteries and its iinternal layers classifies weather it is a small or big artery.



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