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 I am severely depressed and stressed about a by-pass surgery in a week. I am planning to skip and give-up.?

 Has someone close to you died within the last year?

 Stomach Aorta Aneurysm?
My husband has been told he has a
Stomach Aorta Aneurysm. He had his test on Tues . and it came back as a 4.1cm. Doctor said he would check him again in 6 months. My husband didnot ask any ...

 How are you supposed to tell if chest pains are a heart attack or indigestion?
I've just hear the ad. on the radio saying that if you have chest pains go to the hospital but what if the problem is indigestion?!?...

 Helicobactor pylori?
whats the next step medically if i finish triple therapy and still test positive for h pylori or symptoms continue ?...

 How can you tell if someone is suffering from a heart attack!?!??
Like at that moment, how am I suppose to know it's a heart attack? What do I do to help?...

 Lets get my Teen heart beating faster, faster?

Additional Details
ahhh damn i put it in the wrong catogory!...

 Do you believe that more prescription medicine commercials should be pulled?
Now that the Lipitor commercial with the famous heart Dr. has been shut down for misleading information, do you think that other medication commercials should be taken off the air - do you think ...

 How do u get rid of heart burn?

 Is it anemia or low blood pressure?
lately ive been feeling light headed, dizzy and feeling like im going to faint. i work alot so i dont eat well. im always tried and lazy. what could this be? i know i should go to a doctor but i ...

 Hole in my heart,need information?
I'm a 27 year old male and just been told by my hospital that i have a hole in my heart after an E.C.G test and 2 surgeons using a stephoscope,got to have an umbrella thing to fill the hole in,...

 What two life threatening conditions can result from a blockage in an artery?

 What sickness can occur if u eat to much salt? too much sugar?

 My grandma had a heart attack?
She's 86 years old .. she's been really healthy until now.. she could still walk fine, hear pretty well, and see well. She had a heart attack out of the blue.. her artery was clogged. There ...

 Heart attack at age 20..is it possible?
cos i have been having these excruciating pains around the heart area for abt 4-5 years now...
have been having asthma for 17 years now..has that got something to do with it..
Additional D...

 Blood pressure of 103/61, is that low?

 I am 29 and my blood pressure is 145/94 is this ok? i am 5 ft 10 in and 100kgs. What should mine ideally be?

 23 male, having chest pain past couple months, now i can feel it in my left neck and jaw,?
when i first started having this pain it was only in my chest, and went away sometimes, now i have left chest pain and i feel slight numbness on my left neck and jaw and i can feel it all day for the ...

 Help! what is wrong with my friend?
he's just described this to me (his symptoms):

~ sharp pain in his chest
~ feels like his heart is exploding
~ when he moves his heart rate increases
~ the pain goes ...

 Chest pain? acid or somthing else?
Hello...my name is ioana...I am 22 years old.
So I have a problem with chest pain...the problem started 3-4 months ado when I hade some stomac problems...I went to the doctor and he said that MAY...

What is a normal blood pressure for a 38 years old male?

britt g
if completely healthy-120 over 70

120/80....same as for everyone....

110/70 the normal range has been lowered

Systolic readings of 120 to 140 and diastolic readings of 70 to 90 are normal

go to the doc and get a baseline done. "normal" is usally 120/80, but that differs, for examplemy norm is about 110/60. It all depends on your life style and genalogy.

Shannon F
Normal blood pressure for anyone is 120/80 mmHg or less.

120/80 is good, maybe about 138/80, since you are 38?...just kidding...

Angela L
Probably about 110-120 over 70-80.


I don't have a doctor's degree, but I work with cardiologists all day long. They are all now trying for all adults to maintain a blood pressure of 120/70 .

So start eating right, exercising and quit smoking and try to get your blood pressure to 120/70. (give or take a few points....nobody is perfect)

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