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What is a heart murmur? Whaat does it feel like?

Dear Anna...
A heart murmur is not a disease; it is a sound that the doctor hears with a stethoscope. It may be normal, or it could be a sign that something may be wrong. Most heart murmurs are harmless. Some are signs of heart problems, especially if other signs or symptoms of a heart problem are present.

A heart murmur refers to an extra sound made when the heart beats. It DOES NOT mean there's a hole in your heart. A heart murmur have many different causes. You need to be examined to find out if there is any need to be concerned or treated.

due to some structural or blood flow abnormality in/near the heart,an extra(abnormal) heart sounds r produced..

how does it feel like??(sign n symptoms)
innocent murmurs wont usually exhibit any sign or symptoms.
abnormal murmurs..may(or may not) show the following.
Skin that appears blue, especially on your fingertips and lips
Shortness of breath
Enlarged liver
Enlarged neck veins
Poor appetite and failure to grow normally (in infants)
Weight gain (in adults and children)
Heavy sweating with minimal or no exertion
Chest pain

A heart murmur is a hole in the heart and it gives a different heart beat.

You don't feel a heart murmur. A murmur is an irregular sounding heartbeat. It's something that a doctor would pick up listening to your heart but you would not feel it.

The best way to understand a heart murmur is to imagine that instead of blood rushing through the heart, it was air instead. When the air rushes across narrowed openings, or protrusions that block or alter its flow, you would hear a whistling sound.

With blood we don't call it whistling, but refer to them as murmurs. In cardiac medicine, when blood flow is altered by a physical structure, it creates turbulence. The turbulence vibrates the fluid around it, and creates noises (the murmur). Whether because it is flowing across a septal defect (hole in one of the walls of the heart), or a defective valve (narrowed opening of a stenotic or incompetent valve), it will make a noise. This can occur during systole (when the heart is actively pumping) or diastole (when the heart is resting). This is strictly an aural phenomena, that is, one limited to sound. It has nothing to do with the heart's cadence, timing, or rhythm.

You cannot "feel" a heart murmur, though some rare ones are loud enough that you don't even need a stethoscope to hear them.

Degree of loudness cannot be clinically correlated to degree of illness. I've seen patients with murmurs that would blow your ears off, fit as a fiddle and I've seen patients with barely detectable murmurs ready to push up daisies. How significant a finding that a murmur is, really depends upon the condition of the patient. Like a fever, a murmur in and of itself is absolutely meaningless, as both are simply indicators that a patient should be further examined. Is the flow dynamic that is creating the murmur causing the patient any ill effect is the question that needs to be considered overall.

Good luck


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