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What if my husband's defibrillator goes off?
during intimacy?

This is a serious question and I am looking for only serious answers please!

Will I get shocked too? Do I call the ambulence? What?

My friend's husband had a heart attack during intimacy a year ago, was on life support for a few days and then died.
Additional Details
Will I be able to call an ambulence if I get shocked too, and will I need medical care/

My friend's husband did not have a defibrillator

Mookie S
huh? defil- what?

1. You wont get shocked.

2. If this is a rare occurence "hopefully rare" sure it is best to get checked. also the shock will be painful and pain manegement may be necessary.

3. If this is a common occurence your doctor will advise you what they want you to do.

Will you get shocked?

Yes - you will get shocked


No - The shock won't bother you, your husband yes, you no.

Have you ever taken a weed and touched an electric fence with it? If you haven't the effect are a few minor tingles. That is the maximum you will feel.

Some couples have even reported liking the sensation.

Call the ambulance if your partner isn't feeling OK after the experience. Or anyway as OK as he can after being kicked in the chest hard.

I'm surprise you even had to ask the question. This is the most asked question about an ICD. There are tons of FAQs and guides that answer it.

As I understand it a defibrilator is the piece of equipment used to kick start a heart which has stopped. Now pardon me if i am wrong but surely if your hebby's heart is stopped intimacy is going to be somewhat difficult. If his heart is not stopped why the hell would he be using a defib. I think that either you or I or possibly your hubby has got something slightly confused here.

These are all questions that you need to pose to his doctor. Your husband needs to be made aware of how it will feel if it goes off (my mom says it's like she got kicked in the chest by a horse). And you need to read some literature about the devise. But NO, you cannot get shocked too.

Cardiac Physiologist
Normal increases in heart rate will not set off a modern defibrillator. They all have built in algorhythms that will identify whether the fast heart rate is due to a life threatening rhythm (VT or VF) or whether it is increased due to normal heart rate increasing (sinus tachycardia). Most defibrillators will be set up to shock at a rate over about 200 (this does vary though) and rates below this will be tried to be fixed by pacing the heart faster. You would never be shocked by an implanted defibrillator as the maximum amount of energy it delivers is 30J, which is very small and will not travel outside the body. Unfortunately when they do go off it can be traumatic for the patient and also the person with them as there will be involuntary muscle contractions and it can be described as 'an elephant kicking you in the chest' - but remember that this shock is an important life saving shock! Hope that answers the question

A cardiology/CCU will usually advise you of when to contact the hospital. If you only get one shock then arrange a follow up at a convenient date after. if you get more than one shock contact the CCU at your local hospital - but these guidelines vary

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