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What happens if a person has a Heart Rate of 200 beats per minute?

it means your in love!

Your heart is going to explode and leak out your a*s.

Take a Rest and stop Running.

heart failure.

It depends. If you're excersising it probably means you're out of shape, or it may be the way your system works. If you're resting then it means you have high blood pressure and should go see a professional about it. 200 bpm is NOT that big of a deal when working out. Formula 1 drivers have to deal with 210 - 220 bpm's for two straight hours.

You want be alive very long

Is it regular or irregular , regular irregularity , irregular irregularity , there is PVC or not etc...... please see cardiologist you may have heart failure .

Amy P
It depends on who has the heart rate of 200 bpm and what he is doing. In an older individual, who is having an abnormal heart rhythm, this could be dangerous. The patient might faint or develop congestive heart failure or the cardiac rhythm could degenerate into something very serious, like cardiac arrest.

On the other hand, in a kid who is on a treadmill, this isn't such a big deal, but I would not sustain this activity level with the idea that it would make you more fit. Simply put, it is overkill and unnecessary to run a rate this high to achieve aerobic fitness.

Sometimes if your heart beat gets to high your body will just "stop" kinda and you'll pass out its kinda the bodys way of controling it. you body will atempt to slow your heart down by making you black out.

Nothing the worse that wiould happen would be the person passing out theyll waske up and there heart rate would be ok. I would go have it checked though.

Give me a call....my number is 911.Heart Rate of 200BPM is nothing to fool with.

I had a heart rate which stuck at 240 beats per minute and had to have a procedure called a radiofrequency ablation. It is very uncomfortable to have your heart beating that fast and I used to take deep breaths and bear down like I needed to give birth to try to make it stop. The ER doctors knew when I came what the problem was. There is a drug on the market called Adenocard which made my heart stop, then do what I call re-organization. When it started beating again, it would be at a normal rate. You can ask any physician about this and they will tell you I am not kidding.
If your heart beats at 200 for a long period, it poops and in effectively pumps the blood and causes heart failure. You have to go to the ER and have it corrected.
After the Adenocard, I always got a whopping headache.

If you are an infant, it is normal. Your maximum efficient heart rate is figured by: 220-(your age)x 80%. So if you are around 55-60, your max effic. heart rate is around 128-135. Ball park, of course

Kristina d
If it is substained at that rate for more then 1 or 2 min. go to an ER ASAP-now or sooner, you may need to be cardioverted before you stroke or throw a clot or your heart just gives out. This is one of the great dangers of meth

there is a thing called target heart rate which is calculated by 220-age in years and if you are excercising and have achieved this target heart rate you have achieved 100% and are said to be fit heart-wise.so this said heart rate of 200 is after excercise then calculate and be happy if you have achieved 100% of thr

lee m
That's way too high. If they're exercising, they should stop. If they aren't, then call the paramedics.

Are you sure you measured it correctly?

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