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 Can a cold cause high blood pressure in healthy young people?
Im a 23 year old very healthy guy (with and excellent diet and daily 3 hour exercise routine, and with no high blood pressure genetic back ground).
Since last Monday i have had hi blood pressure ...

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 High Blood Pressure????
I am 17 and i recently had my blood pressure checked out at one of those things that you sit down in and it tightens your arm at K-Mart and it was actually a lot higher than what is even considered ...

 Is a heart-rate of 56 beats per minute bad?
My school nurse took my heart-rate because I have been feeling sick lately and was surprised that it was only 56 beats per minute. She said I'm either really sick or really fit.

I was ...

 Question is about heart disease ?
In early 1900.s heart disease was not even in the tenth percent cause of death ? Now it is the number one killer why? Can any doctor answer my question and that is in the 1900,s they eat steak ...

 ONLY Intelligent People Needed!?
1. Describe the mechanisms that operate the AV and Sl valves during a normal cardiac cycle. Indicate the origin of the heart sounds.

2. Describe the factors that influence blood pressure ...

 Multiple ekg's but still worried about heart?
I have had 12 ekg's in the last 2 months and all come back normal. I suffer from panic disorder, but I feel constant chest and left arm pain. Should I still worry that something is wrong with my ...

 Dangerous blood pressure, could she have a stroke?
my friend who is 16 was taking her blood pressure and it was 220/150. her normal bp is a little high but not that much, somewhere around 133 to 148 over 85 to 95 something. anyways it went from that ...

 How many people here as a percentage do you think have had a total humour bypass operation?

 I heard eating chicken is just as bad for you as beef. Is this true?

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 Imy heart beats reallyfast and i dont run aroud alot wat do i do?
it also beats ...

 My father has an enlarge heart and i want to know what can be done for it and if he can die from it?

 Would polarising drinking water help high blood presser and reduce cholesterol?

 I'm 29 years old and about 5'4 and 95lbs. My blood pressure keeps getting low what does that mean?

 Can anyone help?
Hi I had an angio Friday for what they thought was unstable angina to discover why I had the problem. The angio was fine I have nothing wrong with my heart at all thank goodness.I have stopped all my ...

 Im 15 year old boy, ok sometimes my heart goes really fast and starts hurting but then it stops and doesnt?
hurt anymore ive just began to worry what it is about it just hurts out of no where so does my ...

 Hey guys i am 43 and only weeks away from a aortic valve replacement plus anneurism surgery. any suggestions?

 Serious ? re: blood pressure reading: 152/93 pulse: 87?
I am a 55 y/o female taking BenicarHCT40 mg daily; last dosage 6pm tonight (2 hrs ago) is this reading too high?...

What does low blood pressure of 98/50 and a resting heart beat of 46-50 mean?

whoops, not long to go now, have you spoken to an undertaker yet

The Rain God
98/50 is very low for blood pressure, which is better than very high. Any blackouts when you get out of bed or stand up from sitting? Your heart rate suggests a career of cross channel swimming, or something like that to have produced a very efficient cardio-vascular system.

This assumes a) You are not taking medication to either protect your heart or keep your blood pressure down, in which case I would suggest your figures are a little too low, or ) you do not have something pretty radical wrong with you.

that you are either Really in shape and healthy, or there is something wrong

Prof. Hubert Farnsworth
the proper blood pressure is 120/80 and heart beat 70 or 80 at rest. this means that anything below this is fine until you don't feel dizzy, anything above (usually 140/90 starts to be a concern) you need to start taking care of your eating habits and cut the salts (and refined food) in your diet

Might mean your in great shape. Are you?

Low blood pressure means the volume of blood pumped out of the heart by each ventricle during a contraction is low.

A resting heart beat if the number of beats your heart makes in a minuet when you are resting (doing nothing)

o it sounds like this person is very fit and well.

Dr Frank
Average BP = 120/80
Average Pulse = 68-72

Both are on the low (good) side of average. Assuming that neither drugs nor disease are responsible for both these levels they are quite healthy.

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