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What does a skipped heart beat feel like?
where do you feel it most. is it dangerous. does it affect you. why does it happen

most people don't feel them, and live long lives even after they find out...but, i don't know how it feels

A skipped heart beat sometimes can be described as a "fluttering" feeling in your chest however, most people never actually feel it. Skipped beats are potentially dangerous if you have too many as it could mean that the heart isnt pumping blood effectively. This is very rare, though. There are a few causes of skipped beats. The most common is called premature ventricular contractions or PVC's. It just means that the bottom 2 chambers of the heart contracted before they were supposed to do so and therefore could not do it when it was time to do so. Another cause is premature atrial contractions or PAC's. PAC's still produce a heartbeat but because it happened before it was supposed to, some people notice that their pulse is irregular making them think that their heart skipped a beat. There are numerous other causes including drugs, caffiene, and nicotine but there are too many to go into here. Usually the cause of the skipped beat is much more important to know than the skipped beat itself. I would suggest going to the doctor and monitoring your pulse on a regular basis, both at rest and when active to give the doc something to go on. Good Luck.

I don't think anyone knows what it "feels" like. Yes, it is potentially dangerous. I've known people with irregular heartbeats that have had to be monitored by doctors with machines 24/7.

check your pulse regualy. The heart skips a beat when you cough, and you don't 'feel' it. Maybe you are having a panic attack,but still if not, talk to a doctor

lisa l
Sometimes the feeling of your heart "fluttering" can be due to an irregular heart beat. In most cases I've seen, the pt were experiencing axiety. If I were you, I might do a little research on anxiety.

a skipped heart beat as someone else said does indeed feel like a slight fluttering in your chest. Like a cross between a flutter and a hic up of sorts only it's your heat not your lung muscles jumping. You can notice it if your laying very still and have a history of heart mummers or flurries either yourself or in your family. Think of it as playing music, you have a set beat 1 and 2 and 1 and 2 and only ever so often you do a 1 and 1 and 2 and like a hesitation in the music that's what your heart is doing; hesitating a beat.
There is a potential for it being dangerous if it's a continuous daily occurrence. It can cause you to feel faint ( not to the point of fainting just more of a bit of light headiness for a moment ), a weakness feeling for a moment, tired, low energy that kind of thing. Most times it's treated with medication, other times it's just monitored by your doctor or a heart specialist if your doctor feels it's needed. Still other times if it's more serious more drastic measures can be suggested depending on your age even a defibrillator being put in to keep your heart regular.
I'm not real sure of the why but I think most of the reason for it to occur is mainly due to what your health is either at birth or later in life. Are you slim,exercise regularly, eat right etc; or are you overweight, sluggish, rarely exercise, eat a salad ONLY when you absolutely have to but most times eat junk food etc. Those can be factors in how your heart handles things. Stress is one of the main factors than can cause your heart to skip a beat at times just as poor nutrition, clogged arteries, high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc. can also cause your heart to skip periodically.
The best thing to do is if this is something you have noticed with yourself (more than the occasionally flutter if you have over done things in the exercise department that is); is to visit your doctor and have them do a complete work up on you. Check your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, sugar levels, oxygen levels; even do a stress test on you. This entails you being hooked up to a monitor by electrodes attached to your chest and getting on a treadmill and running till they tell you to stop and turn off the treadmill. Fun test.. if your in good condition *LOL*. They do these tests a lot these day's when they have to perform surgery on a person that requires them to be under sedation for a while. Great way to find out if you have a heart condition (especially considering they do the test at the hospital *LOL* ).
Hope this helps some. I tried to find some links on it too for you.

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