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 How many PVC's can your have in under a minute before being alarmed by it?
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 Renal Failure?

What does a echo cardiogram show?
would an echocardiogram show blockages and clogged arteries

heart beats.

It takes the beats and forms a picture so the doc can see whats going on. Just like looking at a baby inside the mothers belly. Yes thats the main job of the procedure is to look for leaking and blocked valves and heart disease.

it can also show any problems presugury! hope this helps.

It also shows blood flow.

Size of the chambers of the heart, including the dimension or volume of the cavity and the thickness of the walls. The appearance of the walls may also help identify certain types of heart disease that predominantly involve the heart muscle. In patients with long standing hypertension or high blood pressure, the test can determine the thickness and "stiffness" of the LV walls. When the LV pump function is reduced in patients with heart failure, the LV and RV tends to dilate or enlarge. Echocardiography can measure the severity of this enlargement. Serial studies performed on an annual basis can gauge the response of treatment.

Pumping function of the heart can be assessed by echocardiography. One can tell if the pumping power of the heart is normal or reduced to a mild or severe degree. This measure is known as an ejection fraction or EF. A normal EF is around 55 to 65%. Numbers below 45% usually represent some decrease in the pumping strength of the heart, while numbers below 30 to 35% are representative of an important decrease.

Tracy M
An echo does not show blockages or clogged arteries.

It looks at the size and structure of the heart.

It will show:

- How strong (or weak) the heart muscle.
- How the walls move and squeeze to make sure they are pumping effeciently.
-All of the valves to make sure they are structurally normal.

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