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 Why is a stroke considered a cardiovascular disease?

Additional Details
a stroke affects your brain so i don't understand why it is a cardiovascular disease....

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What condition would you be in if one side of your heart is 100% blocked and the other is blocked 80-90%?
Hi. I have been told that a relative of mine has a 100% blockage on the right side of her heart and the left is blocked 80-90%. The doctors have said they can not operate and their is not anything that can be done. Is this possible?

barbara B
Why cant they operate? Is there another underlying condition? Get a second opinion before picking out a casket. Something needs to be done right away like bypass surgery but if her or his current team of physicians wont do it then find someone who will quickly.

When your heart is that far gone by being blocked 100 percent on one side and 80-90 on the other side there is really nothing anyone can do...the heart is so worn out by then that any procedure or surgery that is tried will most likely result in death. I know that is something that is very hard to hear...I know it from first hand experience as my grandfather went through something very similar, although I have a question for you, why wasn't your relative being treated before this? My grandfather didn't get that bad until the very end and had 3 successful operations that prolonged his life by about 16 years and only at the very end was there no more they could do when the fourth time it became blocked again...his heart was too weak from all the procedures and medications and surgeries that he had been on for all those years to withstand anymore surgeries, yet he chose to try anyways...he only had a 50/50 chance of survival. Unfortunately we lost our dear grandfather the next morning. He survived the surgery only to die of massive heart and respiratory failure the next morning. I wish you all the luck in the world and please know that my heart goes out to you and you will be in my prayers. It will not be easy and the grief will be almost unbearable if you are very close to your relative, all I can say is just be there for them, spend as much time as possible with them, make sure to tell them you love them and make sure you know what there final wishes are. My entire family (all 10 of us) literally lived at the hospital with my grandfather the last month of his life and spent some really great quality time with him. It still didn't take away the hurt when the time came. But in the long one we wouldn't have had it any other way and we are so happy that we have some excellent family memories that we can remember him by....all of them happy, he was the happiest in his whole life, smiling all the time! Also, take some pics with family. We went and had a family portrait done and were so thankful we did...it was the last pic of my grandfather that any of us have and it is a great pic of all us happy and together!

The blockages are possible, whether or not anything can be done is up to the health of your relative. I wouldn't let that be the end all answer. They should have a hospital with a good surgical program consult. Just because one doctor can't fix it doesn't mean they all cant. However if the Heart is really sick EF 10%, the patient has co-morbidities(diabetes, infections, smoker, obesity) the risk to benefit ratio may not be worth surgery.
The vessels are occluded that feed the rt and lt heart. not so much the heart itself.

The "Axeman" cometh
There are so many variables that could be involved in why they can't operate,I think you are asking the wrong place (yahoo) for an answer. You should be asking heart specialists for the answers you need.Sorry for your relatives situation,hope things work out for the best.P.S. If she is in severe discomfort you might want to look into Hospice if she isn't already on it.

not to be mean but she basically has one foot in the grave and the other one is 3/4 the way in

she has only 5-10% proper blood flow and oxygen in her system. if they attempted surgery, the odds are against her to make it. the anesthisia alone would probably just put her to sleep.


Maybe heart transplant...but on an older person...they would not risk it as it is very taxing surgery to recover from, plus the bills plus the anti-rejection drugs and all that is IF you find a tissue match.

She could get a second opinion, if she so chooses.

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