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 I am 36 with with a low heart rat of 55-60 is that ok?

What causes your heart rate to raise to 130 and is this dangerous?

belligerent assistant
stress could cause it.

I was at 127 once & no one at the hospital cared, but that experience taught me that it does depend on the patient.

127 for me wasn't dangerous, for someone else it may be! It really comes down to how fast a minute and for how long. Those seem to be the 2 together that really count--the how long!

A resting heart rate should be no higher thsan 80 beats per minute and that high for most people. It can be slightly higher. With pain and stress the heart beat can be elevsted to a much higher number. If this a constant number snd it occurs when you sre relaxed conatct your doctor asap. It could get worse and you could end up having a stroke if it continues to be untreated

Various things can affect your heartrate including, but not limited to:
Exercise, Smoking, Obesity, Certain Medications, Anxiety, etc.
I had an SVT with my heartrate rising to 250 in seconds of an attack for 20 years. Last month I had a cardiac ablation which supposedly cured me and I have ceased all heart meds and switched from BetaBlockers to another type of BP med. See a reputable cardiologist and they will have you take a stress test, possibly several imaging tests and could also order you to have a heart cath, which is very simply done with very minimal discomfort. This way you will find out if you have a problem and put your mind at ease. Also if it is a tachycardia, it does not necessarily mean there's a problem with your heart, but a problem with the electrical system feeding it, which at most times can be cured through a procedure chosen by your doctor. Hope you feel better soon.

If your not having symptoms from it than usually its okay. If you have dizziness, near fainting, or shortness of breath than you need to get checked out. I have a heart condition called PSVT-paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia- which causes my heart rate to go from 60's to over 200 (at rest or moving around). Its pretty scary and i have passed out before from it. I am on two medications for this. MD says this is caused by an electrical misfire in my heart. I take toporol XL and tambocor. It all depends on if your having symptoms. Stress can cause rise in heart rate but you just have to monitor when and whats going on when your rate goes up. Good luck to you! Believe me...i know where your coming from! :>

No, unless you have a serious medical condition, it not only safe, but normal. 130 is at the low end of the average exercise target heart rate zone. Most exercise, to lose weight, needs to be between 130 and 170 bpm (target heart rate varies by age).

Mark M
If you have a *resting* heart rate of 130, you are experiencing tachycardia. It is definitely worth getting checked out by a doctor, because there could be a host of problems. Yes, it might be associated with stress, but there are other potentially serious causes. The doctor will want to run an ECG test, to confirm your heart's rhythm looks normal (sinus).

If you are exercising it is normal. I normally aim for 155 - 170 when on the treadmill.

Ann Toozie
If you're exercising, that's normal. The key is whether it slows back down to your usual resting rate pretty quickly after you stop exercising. If your heart rate suddenly goes to 130 for no apparent reason, there could be several factors. These include stress, fever, heart arrhythmias, anemia, certain medications, caffeine, dehydration, lack of sleep, panic disorder, and other issues... some serious and some not. If you're worried, check with your doctor. Most times, this isn't serious - and finding out may make you feel better.

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