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 Why do I have chest pains?
For some time now I have been having these pains in my chest. To add on to that I have a heart murmur and yesterday while climbing up the stairs I nearly blacked out, and my heart started beating ...

 Do people lose weight after heart bypass surgery?
I am going to have a heart bypass surgery this coming week--and Im wondering if anyone knows if I will lose any weight? if anyone might know from experience I would love to hear about your ...

 What factors can cause a person to have a a) Heart Attack b) Stroke c) Cardiac Arrest?
What factors can cause a person to have a,
a) Heart Attack
b) Stroke
c) Cardiac Arrest?...

 Just been diagnosed what happens next?
I've just been diagnosed with unstable angina and recently underwent a treadmill test, though haven't had the results yet.
I'm on Aspirin, Omeprazole, Bisoprolol and Simvastatin ...

 How does a doctor determine a pac vs. a pvc on an ekg?
I am a 29 year-old female with atrial fibrillation. No structural abnormality. Sometimes I get long runs of pacs, and one time an emergency room doctor told me he saw a couple of pvc's as well....

 Is it possible for artery to get reclogged after open heart sugery 4 months ago?
Could it be possible that the artery was never unclogged during the surgery?...

 Explain why heart and circulatory diseases have been called ‚Äúdiseases of prosperity‚ÄĚ?
add source if possible
thanx and 10 points for help
Additional Details
sensible answers PLZ!=)...

 I have pain in my chest at right side last two year .doctar said it is localo pain its not related to heart.wa
any who is a doictar plz suggest me.
Additional Details
i m 22 year old guy. pain in my chest is not regular.its often its like asweet pain....

 I kept feeling numbness on my arm for no apparant reasons is it symtoms of stroke?
I kept feeling numbness on my right arm when i am doing working. Even as i am typing now i can suddenly feel the numbness come and then go... Is this a symtom of stroke?
Additional Details<...

 How can i check what my heart rate should be without visiting my doctor?

 I'm curious about other people's experience of open-heart surgery and recovery?

 My blood pressure is very low i.e 90/60 always. i am 26 yrs old insulin dependent?

plz tell me what are the side effects of low blood ...

 What's next when cardioversion didn't work?
It worked for a couple of days, then back to atrial fibrilation....

 My wife send me medicine she said its for the heart, could you give some details on drugs for the heart?

 What can be the cause of heart flutters or skipped beats?
I had my heart totally examined one year ago,an EKG,stress test etc,they found nothing.I had experienced hypertension until I found out it was due to vertigo,my BP is now normal.However I do have ...

 What is the range for bradycardia?

 What are the symptoms of high cholesterol ?

 How worried should I be?
Lately my mind has been on heart disease, and i just want to know what my risks are. I just recently have had slight pain in my left shoulder- kinda like I worked it hard the day before, or bumped it,...

 I am looking for ways to improve my HDL cholesterol.?
Hi I have genetically high cholesterol with an above average number in HDL - Id like to improve even more on this number to combat the LDL's (currently my cholesterol level is 295 with a 75HDL) ...

 How to lower blood pressure within 2 days?
I have to take a physical in 2 days and the only thing I am worried about is my blood pressure right now it is 138/78 is there any way I can quickly lower that before the physical.

What causes multiple organ failure?

Septic shock...?

Organ failure causes multiple organ failure...Everything in your body is linked together, it all has to work together and support the functions of one another to function properly and maintain balance. If you become ill, or a certain area of your body isn't getting what it needs you will have one organ fail...once one organ fails, the other start to shut down as well. It's like a domino effect. Everything starts at the cellular level, if you can keep every cell healthy and full of oxygen, you wont' have any failure...but cell breakdown/failure, leads to tissue breakdown/failure...tissue breakdown leads to organ failure...

Many things can cause this, as it often occurs in the last stage of life. Diabetes, stroke, poisoning, alcohol overdose, drug overdose, kidney failure, etc.

Best wishes.

One that has not been mentioned is C.A.P.S. or Catastrophic Antiphospholipid Syndrome.

Laura J
Any number of things can cause that. Drugs, cancer, leukemia, you name it. What is the situation on which you are referring?

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