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 What do you do if someone has a heart attack and what are the sings for a heart attack?

 My fiance's blood pressure is 158/83 but his pulse rate is only 50...is this cause for alarm?

 Should I be worried about a heart rate staying between 46-50?

 My husband is 83 years young.But has very low blood pressure..It stays about 104/76.?
With his blood that low he stays sleepy.Last Sunday it was 88/71 so I took him to Hospital and they gave him and IV and sent him home.He has been on a low salt diet so wondering if he had more salt ...

 Irregular Heart Beat?
Lately I felt like I have arythmia. I have regular beats plus extra ones. I also feel them, especially in the night. It is weird. Oh, and I also feel the heart beats in my stomach, I can see how the ...

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 Did i have heart attack?
now before everyone says "no you didnt have one" just read this thoroughly, i got was the most worrying/scariest/ most painful thing in my entire life..

i have these chest pains, ...

 Im geting a heart surgery in may?
it will be my 3rd heart surgry but i dont remember cuz i was five what happens ?
Additional Details
im 13 so i dont remember any thing from when i was ...

 Heart Palpatations?
I started getting heart palpatations shortly after using Mega-T diet pills. I stopped t hem because I was uncomfortable with the feeling of my heart freaking out on me.

They still happen ...

 Could I Get A Disability Check?
I have Supraventricular tachycardia, SVT for short and I can't really take the hot days because I will pass out very easily and every job I try to get, they tell me that they can't hire me ...

 Heart rate at 122 whilst resting? (per min)?
Last night i noticed my heart was racing but didnt measure it.
I also noticed i could every so often feel my heart beating differently to usual, and a short sudden loss of breath.
I ...

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 What happens if if the connection between the SA node and AV node becomes blocked?
please explain in details, and use easily understandable words? THANKS!!!!!!...

 HELP! Why would my left arm and hand be going numb? Could it be my heart?
It has been doing this the last two days, it really has me worried. I had heard that your right arm has to do with your heart. Is my arm just not getting enough blood? HELP!...

 Are stints placed above or below the heart?

 Explain the effects and clinical ues of warfarin?
fron ...

 How to lower blood pressure with medication?
my moms pressure was sky high and she is on medication is there any thing else to do besides exercise and less sodium and ...

katy c
What causes heart palpitations in 40year old women?

Many things can cause palpitations, the most worrisome of which are a variety of different cardiac arrhythmias. If your heart is being with an abnormal rate or rhythm you will frequently perceive this as palpitations. This is something that should be evaluated by a doctor to rule out any life-threatening conditions.

Tall, good looking, well ripped, good looking men who can' take their eyes off of you.

Stress, smoking, caffeine

True Red Head
It could be lots of things. You really should talk to your doctor if you have been having them frequently. Here are a few things that could cause it:

High blood pressure
Any medication you may be on

Check out Webmd.com and do a search on it. You may find something that fts your symptoms. For now, keep track of how long and how often you are having them and talk to your doctor. They may want to do an EKG which I highly recommend to ensure there isn't something going on with your heart.

Good luck!!

Stress or anxiety.

or you could have low levels of potassium...get your blood checked...I think the condition is called hypolykemia...my wife just had it.

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