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 Doctors and nurses please answer?
ok, for the past three years i have had heart "complications". i've been to the hospital three times, and they've done x rays and ekg's but said that they all show up normal. ...

 How will you calculate LDL cholestrol goal/risk for CHD?
This is for those who are worried only that the Cholestrol level is high....

 When I drink anything(water,protein shake, etc) I get a unconfortable felling in my chest(heart area), why?

 A question about ECG?
What are the electrical changes that produces;
Normally inverted T wave in right ventricular leads?
Elevated & depressed ST segments?...

 What is the normal blood pressure in a 60 year old man?
The person is healthy, does not take any medication & leads an active life....

 What is the best possible treatment for blockage in heart valves?
My father is facing problem in heart valve blockage.His two valves are blocked .(one is blocked 91% and another 75%)
He is having a heavy pain in his left arm and leg.
What is the best ...

 My mom has high cholesterol, and uses some special butter to lower it?
She uses some stuff called Promise Active butter. Her nutritionist says that she should eat 2tbsp a day to lower her cholesterol.

The only thing is that i think 2 tbsp is a lot. Thats A LOT...

 What is HDL?
and what is the best exercise to increase the hdl? Does yoga helpful for this? If someone has low hdl, what is the instant exercise he should do to bring level up?
Additional Details
IF Y...

 How much cholesterol intake should you be consuming in a day?

 Is there a device which can reduce high blood pressure?

 My left arm to my hand has ached/cold since Oct & has turned red 8 times-Raynauds has been ruled out. Help??
I have had blood work done, Raynaud test done, xray of shoulder to see if there is a pinch.....doctor still can not figure out what is wrong....see him again next week....

 High blood pressure medicine?
my mother just started taking a high blood pressure medicine should she take it in the morning or is it ok for her to take it at night so the side effects arent so bad. ty
Additional Details...

 Am I at risk for a heart attack? Please read my story!?
Am I at risk for a heart attack? Please read my story!
So today I was walking around and all of a sudden I got this wave of faintness over me, like a weird spell. I felt light headed like I was ...

 Cholesterol levels LDL 72 HDL 38 and total 123?
should i be concern that my HDL is 38.Please keep in mind that i'm just a 24years old. guy. Are these very good number as far as my cholesterol .Or should i try to get my HDL up.And if so what ...

 What is a ECG and angiogram?
im gettin them soon because i valvular heart disease so i would like to know a bit about ...

 Is there any risk of Heart attack from Gas and Acidity?
Is there any risk of cardiac failure if anybody suffering from Gas and Acidity when his heart condition is normal?What type of precaution should be taken in this case?...

 My husband is 56, had triple bypass heart surgery in 2006 will not follow a diet eats what he wants is there?
chance of heart ...

 Does my friend have serious heart problems...?
past couple of days she had pains in the chest, a little tingling in the arms, faintnes, sweating, couldnt feel feet and her heart races a bit im really concerned this isnt the forst episodes, she ...

 29 years old and have high blood pressure am so scared?
I am 29 year old female. I am mother to six children. My sixth baby was born only 14 weeks ago.
I have had some bad health probs recently and lots of stress from my family (not kids).
I ...

 Can smoking lead to angioplasty?
What causes angioplasty?
Is smoking a cause? Lyposuction a cause?

And is this something to write out a will for?
I love my mom but she can over dramatic and she loves medical ...

What can cause my heart to quiver?
my heart is shaking, quivering,

john e russo md
When the heart literally quivers we refer to it as fibrillation and it is not compatible with life so I suspect that it feels as if your heart is quivering when it fact it is simply beating in a different manner. Heart beats vary quite a bit and we usually ignore their differences. Think about how much you screen out daily. Young folks text mesage, listen to music, fiddle with their laptop, and play games all at the same time! You ignore most of what is going on - and something has you paying more attention to your heartbeats - so deal with that first.

seeing your wife without makeup for the first time! Gottttttt--Dammmmmnn! When my wife walks around the house with out makeup , it instantly becomes haunted! A good buddy of mine once told me " That be-itch could haunt a house!"

This can be an arrythmia (irregular heartbeat) of your heart. This can be a lifethreatening situation and you should seek medical treatment immediately! Go to an Emergency Room now! Do NOT wait!

Do you have any other symptoms? You may have palpitations, murmurs or arrhythmia. Most murmurs are pretty innocuous (though some can be serious) and palpitations are normally pretty benign, but arrhythmia can be fatal, so you should get to your doctor.

technical difficulties
many factors.. from diet.. high cholesterol.. enlarged heart.. mumurs.. blood pressure being too high or too low... other diseases.. forms of angina...

see the doctor... since this is a problem... and there's many causes for it... it's best to have the doctor check it out.. take your blood and get a scan... to see if there's something internal that's happening or your diet is a problem.


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